5 Ways to Personalize Your Dream Wedding Gown

On your wedding day, you will want to have a unique wedding gown, and today, it is possible to personalize a garment so that you will have a special appearance. Use these five ways to create a customized wedding gown.

Request an Underskirt Addition

If you have a lacy wedding gown, then you can have a colorful underskirt added to the dress to give it a different appearance. A knowledgeable seamstress can make an underskirt that is the perfect length and your favorite color to stitch to the inner waistband of the dress. This underskirt will show through slightly underneath the lacy wedding dress’s skirt.

Have a Bustle Added to the Gown

A bustle is an embellishment that is added to the back of the wedding grown to change the shape of the lower portion of the garment. There are numerous styles, sizes and shapes of bustles that can have additional embellishments, such as dangling satin ribbons or attractive bows. While visiting a shop, a bride can attach several different types of bustles to the gown to find the type that she likes the best.

Perfect Tailoring with Matching Accessories

Bridal stores have expert seamstresses who can tailor a dress so that it fits perfectly. This can improve the way that a bride looks in her bridal gown. These alterations can include changing the length of the skirt or the sleeves along with altering the shape of the neckline. The shop’s employees will help the bride to select additional accessories, such as shoes, jewelry and undergarments.

A Matching Bridal Cape

If you are getting married outside on a cold day, then you will want to stay warmer with a customized matching wedding cape. A personalized cape that still reveals the beauty of the wedding gown is essential, and a great designer can create a garment that is beautiful and warm. A white wedding cape is easy to dye into a different color after the wedding day is over.

Colorful Sashes or Waistbands

You can personalize a wedding dress by adding a colorful sash or waistband to the garment. Many brides choose a sash color that matches the color of the bridesmaids’ gowns. This helps to make the entire bridal party coordinated so that the wedding photographs are perfect.

Numerous Fittings

A bride should have numerous fittings of her gown until the garment fits perfectly, making sure that the dress is still easy to walk in along with sitting in for the reception.

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