7 Excellent Tips for Your Upcoming Boudoir Shoot

“To get some smart tips for your upcoming boudoir shoot, kindly five this article a very good read now”.

Are you all set for your upcoming boudoir shoot? Did you practice all the poses and made sure that your nails are done, legs and arms are waxed, face and hair is glowing, etc?

And did you book the best Sacramento Boudoir Photographer for the shoot? If yes, then let me tell you that half the job is already done. However, there are a few things that you may not know about. Wondering what kind of things am I talking about? Kindly take a look at the rest of this article.

Eye Direction

Well, by working as a boudoir photographer for quite some time now, I have seen plenty of pictures getting ruined because of the wrong eye direction. Honey, you either have to look straight into the camera or your eyes should follow the direction of your nose. Nothing different, nothing in the middle! You should keep this in mind.

Black & White is Classic and Timeless

If you are thinking of doing something different and looking exotic yet classy in the photos, then you should request the Denver Boudoir Photographer to take black and white pictures of yours. They are sophisticated, classic and timeless. And they never fail to impress anyone. When a person is getting shot in black and white, the small details in texture would make her look even more beautiful.

The Right Lighting

Well, this should be taken care of by your Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer. You have to understand that even if your hair and makeup looks perfect, and the photographer is using the best equipment, then also the photos can be a disappointment if the lighting is not right. Have the right lighting is actually half the battle won.

Avoid Bright Clothing

Another essential tip for you is that you shouldn’t wear bright clothing. You have to understand that the shoot is about you, your confidence and your body and not about your clothes! You might own beautiful, fluorescent pieces but for the shoot, you need nudes, blacks, whites, peaches, and pinks. Trust me when I say this. Otherwise, the pictures can be distracting and confusing for an onlooker. The focus should be on you and nothing else!

Watch that Chin

The jawline plays a huge role in the photos. Bring your head forward slightly and tilt the jaw down and out to portray the beautiful jawline in the photos. And if you have a double chin, the photographer must try to work on it and direct you with the same.


Whether you are shooting outdoors, in a studio or in your house, make sure that the background is clutter-free. No one wants to see and get distracted by a bad background. Keep it simple such as a white wall, or a textured one.

Attention to the Nose/Cheek Line

Ask the photographer to pay attention to the nose or cheek line. He or she must be able to capture the best features of you.

So these are a few tips for your shoot. To know more about Tampa Boudoir Photographer, read my other articles and blogs.

Author Bio: To know about Sacramento or Tampa Boudoir Photographer, read Mia’s blogs. You should also read them to know the benefits of choosing a Virginia Beach or Denver Boudoir Photographer.

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