For 75 years, Alfred Angelo has been helping brides have the day of their dreams and now we want to share our best tips with you.

From hair to shoes and everywhere in between

50. Your hands will be a big part of the day. Whether it is the champagne toast or posing for ring pictures, splurge on the professional manicure. You won't regret it!

51. Go with the classic French or American Manicure. Color trends for manicures change quickly and will make your photos look dated.

52. Set up a consultation with your hair stylist a few weeks before your wedding. Most stylists will meet with you for free.

53. Bring your headpiece, veil or anything you plan to wear in your hair. This will be critical information that the stylist will need.

54. Bring some pictures of updos that you like to your hair consultation. Also, bring along a picture of your gown and bridesmaids’ dresses. This could give her a little more inspiration!

55. Do not wash your hair before you go to the stylist unless she asks you to. You will need the natural oils in your hair to help get the best updo.

56. If you're going to take off your veil at the reception, remember to tell your hair stylist. She can design a style that will accommodate both looks.

57. On the big day, wear a button-down shirt that you can easily remove after your appointment. This will make sure your hair is not disturbed.

58. A little pale for the season? Go with a nice self tanner-- ask your friends for what they recommend.

59. If you go for self tanning, make sure you use plastic gloves! No need for orange fingers on your big day!

60. Any type of tanning will make your skin color deeper. Remember to get new foundation to match your tan.

61. You want your makeup to look perfect on your big day - but you also want to look like yourself! Keep makeup simple.

62. Watch your eye makeup. You may want to arm one of your bridesmaids with an emergency makeup bag complete with travel mirror. This will be perfect for quick touch ups.

63. Budget conscious on your makeup? Check out a department store and get a free make over. The sales person will also explain how to apply your makeup for the big day.

64. Lipstick can look great but is high maintenance because it rubs off quickly. Look for a no-rub off formula that will stay on the whole day. There are many drug store brands to choose from!

65. Shining star? Give your Maid of Honor a few blotting papers that are made to soak up any excess oil with a light powder.

66. If you cry at weddings, you will probably cry at your own. Make sure you invest in a good waterproof mascara.

67. Putting on your own eye makeup? With a big brush, dab a little loose powder under your eyes. This will catch any loose makeup that falls during application.

68. Getting married outside? Do not forget sunscreen. In fact, you may want to consider giving it as a cute favor for all your attendees.

69. If you're going to shoot some wedding pictures in black and white, remember to go a little darker in your makeup choices. Light makeup doesn't show up as well.

70. The type of jewellry you wear should depend on the style of your dress. Elegant earrings add to a strapless gown without taking away from the flattering neckline. With V-neck gowns, however, a necklace is the perfect choice. Jewelled hairpins are very flattering with a halter gown.

71. Always consider the color of your gown when selecting jewellry. Pearl and platinum jewellry best compliment a white gown while gold is best for an ivory gown.

72. Shoes a little too tight? Most leather shoes will stretch. Take a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and swab the inside of your shoe. Slip your foot into the shoe and it will stretch around your foot. Repeat until you're comfortable.

73. Going for heels? Make sure you practice walking in your shoes before the big day. Confidence is key when you're walking down the aisle.

74. You may want to consider getting two pairs of shoes for your big day. One pair for the ceremony and pictures and a comfy pair to dance the night away at your reception.

75. Scuff new shoes on the pavement to roughen up the soles. To make sure you have plenty of traction going down the aisle.

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