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8 Easy Tps to Select the Best Shoes for Your Wedding Day

Have you already bought your wedding dress and now waiting to buy all the appropriate accessories? You should start with your shoes because that’s the first of many accessories that will help you get that complete bridal look. But, before you start headhunting for that perfect pair of shoes, here are few things tips that you can keep in mind:

Get the measurements right 

First things first, get an accurate measurement of your feet and then buy your wedding shoes. You will be wearing them all day, so don’t let the size be the reason for discomfort.

Consider the theme of the wedding

It is easy to buy traditional shoes for a traditional wedding dress, but if it is a theme wedding, you need to buy your shoes according to that theme. The color and style will change from one theme to another.

Experiment with colors

Contrasting colors can turn out to be something unique on your wedding day. If you thought that a white dress only deserves white shoes, then you are wrong. Starting from purple to peach to pink, there are lots to choose from.

Think over the heels

This is a very dicey situation because most girls love to wear heels. It is quite natural that you may keep heels as your first choice, but think again. Would you be able to stand for long periods of time with those heels? Then, there will be a time when you have to dance and it can be pretty risky to dance with those tall heels. If at all you need to wear heels, try the blocked ones.

Select the shoes according to the dress

Matching shoes is like a no brainer, but finding the right combination can be tricky. Try combining the shoes with the dress that you will be wearing. It is the easiest way to understand if the shoes will look good with that particular dress. For example, an open-toe shoe will go well with an off-shoulder dress.

Buy the shoes in advance

Just like the wedding dress, it would be best to get your wedding day shoes well in advance. Do not leave it for the last minute. Once you have the shoes, you can try them around to see how comfortable they are.

Comfortable insoles

Whenever you are buying shoes for your wedding day, buy a pair that offers comfortable insoles. Since you will be wearing the same shoe for the entire day, it is important to keep your feet comfortable


Choose from the fabrics

Wedding day shoes come in various styles and fabrics. It depends on the type of dress that you are wearing. You can choose from crepe or satin or raw silk shoes depending on the fabric that is used for the bridal dress.

Shopping for your wedding day may seem to be a never-ending task. But, it is also something that you will love doing. Since shoes would complement the dress perfectly, spend enough time to choose the best pair for the special day.

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