8 Little Secrets for a Stress-Free Wedding

Weddings are thrilling but very stressful life events. Most people can’t wait to get married to the person they love. It’s a day when they will celebrate their love. However, that doesn't mean that their wedding day is stress-free. It’s a special day for you and your significant other. This means that everything should go according to the plan. 

But what if it doesn’t? That’s when the stress and anxiety kick in. There is no use in worrying and ruminating over the things that could go wrong. Even though worrying less isn’t an option, there are a couple of tricks you can do to minimise the stress. Take a look at these 8 little secrets that can help you have a stress-free wedding and fully enjoy your big day.

1. Plan the budget carefully

Weddings are expensive. They require a lot of investments in the food, venue, photography, music, clothes, etc. for a one special day. If you and your fiancé are paying for the entire thing, you have to plan the budget with carefully. You need to compromise and respect each other’s wishes and dreams. After all, it’s your and your significant other’s day, it should be just like how you imagined it.

Set your priorities first. If your budget is tight, decide what is more important. The venue, the place, the number of guests or you? According to that, set funds aside for your top priority. Try to compromise as much as possible. Instead of hiring a live band, you can always hire a DJ and save some money. Also, you don’t have to buy a brand-new dress and suit. Second-hand and goodwill stores might have just what you need for your perfect day. In the end, you can always borrow some money from family or friends. 

2. Plan the details smartly

To minimise the stress and uncertainty, you need to develop an immaculate plan that covers even the tiniest details. You and your future spouse need to come up with the perfect timeline that includes everything you need for your dream wedding. Since your head is probably in the clouds, hiring a consultant or asking a trusted friend to help you out is a necessity.

Take a piece of paper and start planning your entire dream day from the start to the end. Don't forget to write down possible questions you have during the plan development and seek the answers timely. If you have instructions for the guests, be clear! Unclear instructions and invites only cause more chaos and stress. Therefore, have those invites proofread and checked before you send them out to your guests. 

3. Secure the venue on time

Where is your ideal wedding location? Is it a small chapel and a venue besides the beach? Or perhaps a ranch in the countryside? If you have your perfect location in mind, save the date on time! Most venues need to be booked at least 2 months in advance. So, if you're prone to changing your mind quite often, make sure that the venue completely suits your needs.

To pick the perfect wedding venue, you need to take into consideration the number of guests and the decoration you want for your wedding. If you don't have a lot of guests, don't book huge venues as space will look empty even if everyone invited showed up. Make sure that the guests know how to get to the venue. Consider including simple instructions if the location is far away.

4. Hire a day coordinator

Managing everything on your own is excellent. You know that you’ve done everything you could and should to make the big day perfect. Chances are not everything will go according to the plan. Not because you’re a lousy planner, but simply because you can’t predict the way people will act during the reception and wedding. To stop stressing out over the organisation and the way things flow, consider hiring a day coordinator.

That expert will help you keep everything under the control. It’s your and your love’s wedding day, and neither of you should have to think about and stress over the organisation of that day. Even if you’ve planned every minute of it, not everything will go according to the plan. So, leave the organisation to the professionals, and relax and have fun on your dream day. 

5. Hire reliable caters and photographers

Food and forever memories, what could go wrong? Imagine stressing over the food bites and how the pictures will turn out on your wedding day as if you have no other things to worry about! When hiring services that work with something delicate such as food and photography, you need to take into consideration numerous factors.

The first one is the weather. If you're having a wedding in the middle of the summer, don't order food that can be easily spoilt. Same goes to photography. If it's raining seasons, chances are you won't be able to hire a good photographer that will work in the rain. That's why you should always double-check with caters and photographers and go over all the conditions before they start to work.

6. Minimise the hazards

Many brides worry that they might slip and fall during the walk down the aisle. That fear is more common than you might think! High-heels, slippery shoes and waxed floors can be quite dangerous if you’re not paying attention to your step. Besides, there is nothing more embarrassing than falling on your wedding day while all eyes were on you. Disaster! However, disasters like these can easily be prevented.

Don’t let those memories haunt you for the rest of your life. You can get a custom anti slip tape that will ensure you walk to your future spouse safely. Anti-slip tapes provide a high level of grip which eliminates the risk of slipping and falling. In addition to that, you can choose the colour of your anti-slip tape to match the theme of your wedding. You can now walk into the new chapter of your life stress-free. 

7. Don’t stress over things you can’t control

This is one of the most important advice you can take on your wedding day and life in general. Things you can't control should be out of your mind. So what if it rains? Rain only contributes to the romantic and cosy feeling. You can't influence the way people act during the reception.

On the other hand, you can control your thoughts, feelings and actions. You must learn how to stop worrying about the things you can’t change. You can’t change the way people act or the situation goes, however, you can change the way you react to it and the way you look at things. Stress and anxiety are produced when we perceive happenings according to our mental schemes. So, take a deep breath, not everything is as bad as it may seem. 

8. Spend time with your significant other

After all, the wedding should be just a formality. You’re getting married to your soul mate which makes this day extra special. Remember why you’re getting married. Nothing other will matter once you realise you’ve got to spend the rest of your life with the person you love the most. 

The sole presence of your partner should be calming to you. Even though there are a lot of people and a lot of things going on around you, you're getting married to you and your love. Don't neglect your significant other on your big day. He or she needs your support as well. It's okay to spend some time with the guests. However, spending most of the time with your love will make this day special and stress-free. 


Let’s face it, stress is inevitable on your wedding day. However, you can use these secrets to minimise it and ensure that everything goes according to the plan. This day is only about you, your future spouse and your love. So, try to celebrate and enjoy it as much as possible. In the end, planning and stress will all be worth the memories you’ve created on your wedding day. 

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