9 Enhancements To Make Your Special Day Even More Special

We're going to use Valentine Day as an example, but you can apply these ideas to any day. The goal is to make the start of your marriage even more special and memorable. Also, any one of these ideas may spark further ideas for you (get ready to make a few notes).


Make your wedding invitation card heart shaped and Google for any theme you have for a short story of the theme like "when was the first Valentine's Day?" Or "what is the meaning of Valentine's Day?" A tied ribbon can make it more attractive, especially if it red.


Red is the sign of love. A heart is, of course, a common image. And you can use hearts and the color red in different ways. Consider taking the idea of a fortune cookie and get or make mini heart cards that can be opened at the ceremony or at the reception so that a special "heart-wish" can be read by the guest.


Some brides have worn a red dress instead of traditional white. Some have worn white and then had their bridesmaids wear red or each one could wear a different shade of red. Or you can have the flower girl be the only one to wear red.


The aisle is like a stairway to heaven on Earth. Right? Consider using red flower petals to spell each of your first names or spell the word "LOVE" on the aisle. And you can have a different color petal for each letter of the word. Stop for a moment and visualize your aisle. Be open to other ideas that pop out.


Hire a friendly, very personable wedding officiant/minister who is open to brainstorming ideas with you. He/she has seen many creative expressions over their years of officiating. They will be delighted to give ideas and to hear your ideas. Your officiant, minister can also tell the story of your theme, what the first Valentine's Day was like.


For this part, you can also consult a cake artist/designer. They are always open to creative ideas. They can give you ideas for the shape of your cake and for little props that can be on top of the cake. Think out of the box here because it's fun to come up with things that haven't been done before.

7) MUSIC -

Whether in the ceremony (like under a Unity Candle sub-ceremony) when you two come down the aisle after the pronouncement, feel free to talk with your music provider (DJ, quartet, pianist, guitarist etc.) to audition music pieces for the ones you like. Having music you relate to for your theme or for anything is a great addition.


Arrange some red heart-shaped balloons and tie them to the chairs, your guests will love it. And children at the ceremony and reception will feel at home with the fun and lightness.

9) This idea is a blank space so you can be spontaneous and write the first thing that comes to your mind HERE: ____________Go ahead and write whatever comes to your mind.

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Comment by Alison Mills on July 6, 2019 at 4:46pm

I love these ideas. Have you ever thought of using some inspirational quotes? At my wedding we placed them all around with really nice designs. My husband runs a website that creates beautiful inspirational images if you ever want to try them.

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