A Cool Autumn Day Lost Among the Grapes: How to Throw a Vineyard Themed Wedding

Are you a wine connoisseur, or do you just like to indulge yourself in a glass every now and then? Whatever the case may be, a vineyard wedding theme may be for you and your partner. A vineyard themed wedding is a great way to mix your wedding and subsequent events to provide entertainment for everyone in attendance.

The best location for a wedding of such caliper would be at a vineyard, both the ceremony and the reception, if possible. Even guests who do not drink wine will find more than enough to enjoy and take in at such a lovely location. Vineyards usually offer stunning landscapes and rustic settings. The theme of a vineyard wedding is to produce something that lets people enjoy the finer side of life while they enjoy the beauty of the day. Hosting a wedding at a vineyard allows guests to enjoy the lush landscape and picturesque rows of grapes – it is also great for wedding party photos after the ceremony. Plus, the intertwined vines can represent you and your partner as you move into the next chapter of your life, intertwining your two lives together. Many vineyards and wineries have facilities to host weddings or receptions – some even have space set aside to provide the best possible views for exchanging your vows.

Vineyard and winery weddings are not exclusive to the Summer and Autumn. Many vineyards cater to events such as weddings and therefore possess a large tasting hall for events in the off season or during inclement weather. Even if you have your vineyard wedding indoors, the environment will more than make the day.

Fortunately, even if you do not live in wine country, you can be a bit creative and still have a vineyard themed wedding. The ceremony may need to be held in a more traditional setting, but there are plenty of restaurants in most cities and towns that cater to fine wine – some may even offer wine tastings – so using them for a reception should not be a problem. Plus, any event location that caters to weddings should be able to transform the facility into a winery wonderland. If you do not have access to a vineyard or winery, but still want to have your reception or ceremony outdoors you can consider a picturesque landscape. If you choose this option then you can decorate the place to your liking and adapt the environment to a vineyard.

Although the scenery is important to a vineyard wedding theme, the main importance is the fine wine and food, so if you have to improvise make sure you have fine wine, followed by the proper locale. If these two facets are well covered the rest of the wedding should fall into place.

When it comes to decorations for your wedding, try using vine decorations and include deep burgundy, plum, and red colours – deep rich colours will emphasize the deep reds of the wines, or stand out among white wines. For example, try a burgundy luxury cover with gold foil print guestbook – this will add richness and elegance to your environment. If you are having an outdoor reception, try to include an arbor – this is always a popular photo spot.

Put a great deal of consideration into your food and drink choices. You should make sure that there is an ample amount of red, white, and blush wines, as well as any personal favourites, so that you will have something for all of your guests to enjoy. A unique element to a vineyard themed wedding is the possibility to have a wine tasting instead of a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. This adds a touch of classiness to your wedding, plus it is informative and exclusive to your guests. For sit-down dinners make sure you have wine on hand that matches each dish.

A vineyard theme is truly a creative theme that will leave your guests talking about the setting, ceremony, beauty, and wine for a long time. By using the various possible settings, your wedding will be remembered as a beautiful and tranquil affair made even more amazing by its surroundings and theme. Try something unique and imaginative for your wedding and host a vineyard themed wedding for your friends and family.

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