A Designer's sugesstions on what to consider when deciding on plus size formal dresses

It is commonly misunderstood that solely because a individual is “plus size” means they are totally unhealthy.  This may not always be the case.  For example, plus size in the modeling arena is anything over size 6.  However, plus size according to most designers in regards to plus size formal dresses is in general anything that is over a size 16.  But you can be a six foot tall woman and be a size 16 and not necessarily look large.  Some people carry their size better than than others.  So there is a lot of discrepancy out there in regards to what constitutes a full figured woman.

Most would agree that a healthy diet and decent exercise is a a good thing .  Since most people are now working behind a desk most of the day and not walking as much as they used to….many of us have lost that daily movement that is crucial to stay a bit more fit.  So we all have to make a more substantial effort to work the exercise in so that we will not become unhealthy.

You will hear many times a bride shopping for plus size wedding dresses will say….I want to wait before I order so I can lose some weight before my wedding.  Here at  Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd we hear this a lot!  And this is an serious concern since all brides want to look their best on their wedding day.  But what about getting healthy for all days – not just losing weight for your wedding day.  What happens after the wedding?  Are you going to go back to not exercising or not taking care of yourself?  It is of my opinion that if you are going to lose weight do it for the right reasons and not just for one occasion.  The over all goal is to make sure you are as healthy as conceivable inside and out.

Oddly enough women shopping on line for plus size evening gowns come across a bit different.  These are usually women who are not planning on losing any weight at all.  They are just the size they are and are dealing with it.  Most of the clients who contact us for plus size ball gowns are usually mothers of the bride, performers, or just socialites needing one more piece to add to their collection.

Most full figured ladies with larger arms or heavy thighs will tell you the same things about shopping the mall for plus size women’s fine apparel .  When looking for plus size dresses for after five, cocktail, or special occasion formals most will tell you that it is very hard to find choice merchandise in their particular sizes.  Either the designs for larger women are horrendous… or they simply do not have the inventory in the salon for them to try on so they wind up picking out something that they are not in love with or settling.
This is where our style designer expertise assist our client .  We have assisted plus size brides and evening wear clients for a very long time.   When consumers are not able to find what they want for their larger frame they begin to browse the world wide web and ultimately find our corporation .

All  clothing shown on the darius cordell couture site can be made in all measurements including a plus size figure or shape.  What a lot of clients don't grasp in regards to trying on social occasion dresses is that it is not like “trying on” a bra, blouse or a pair of trousers.  Formal Dresses are altogether different.  Many times even if a beaded apparel is actually there in person available for somebody to try on it usually will not fit them properly .  The cause for that is simple.  That off the rack dress was not produced for them or their particular body form.  For instance it may have been a long sleeve evening gown with a high v neck and with an a-line skirt.   Well possibly your neck line is longer than someone else’s – thus meaning instead of the hole of the neck to the bust line being 5 inches as it would on a size 10….your measurement there may be a 11 due to your bust size.  But the off the rack item does not make allowances for such.  Or for example your torso may be 20 inches from the top of your shoulder to your waistline where as someone else may be only 16 inches from that point.  Yet the off the rack item does not allow for that as well.  This is why when you are considering spending hundreds of dollars on a formal dress it is usually best to have that plus size designer dress made to measure instead of trying to make something off the rack to work.

To help the consumer get use to this way of view we have them ask themselves a few questions.  Does the item in the picture hide what I want to hide?   And does it show what I want to show?  If it does (either as shown or with changes) then at that point all you have to do is simply have that item made in YOUR measurements and according to your specific body shape.  Then you do no have to worry about what will "look good on" or not – as the item has already met your visual preferences and now the fit requirements are taken care of as well since it was a made to order designer gown.

For more information about your options and our process for ordering plus size dresses here at Darius Cordell Couture Fashions please make sure to visit www.CordellCouture.com

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