A fabulous Memorial Day Weekend Wedding...

There's a reason I give up holiday weekends...for a wedding like I did at The Surf Club in New Rochelle this past Sunday, the 24th.

We were so worried about the weather and we had a very close call as a light rain began to fall about an hour prior to the ceremony. But after selling my soul for the umpteenth time, the clouds broke about 20 minutes prior and we went ahead with the original plan of an outdoor ceremony. Did I wipe down the chairs...yes, did I set up the ballroom...yes, did I light all the candles...yes, do I regret not hanging out with my friends at a Memorial Day weekend BBQ...NO!!! The bride & groom were so happy and so in love, I was even privy to a few exchanges they had while I was bustling her dress and I almost cried myself. It doesn't matter how many weddings I am there for...I still get emotional.

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