You have decided that you want the fairytale wedding theme! So where do you start? You know that you want to get married in a castle so you and your groom, "your prince", can wed in the environment that you have been dreaming of. Here are some ideas to help you begin thinking about creating the ambience.

1.) Soft pastels, plenty of tulle, silk ribbons and organza; intertwine with flowers
2.) A big magical mirror by the door so guests can ask ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of them all?
3.) 3-D images of fairy godmothers similar to the ones that helped raise Aurora before she was “The Sleeping Beauty.”
4.) In another corner, die-cut picture of fairy godmother with a magical wand, like the one that changed Cinderella’s life.
5.) Carry on the fairy godmother theme by providing magical wands for all your guests; as favors could have tag or engraved “thank you for sharing our magical day!”

1.) White parchment paper rolled in scrolls and sealed with old fashioned wax; and, for the local invitations, hand-deliver by someone in a tux for effect.

1.) Carriages, glass castles, and silver vases filled with soft rose petals or buds
2.) Sprinkle confetti in either soft pastels or sparkly silver across the tables
3.) A spindle like the one that pricked the princess and put her to sleep

Tables - each a theme from parts of fairy tales:
1.) The coach that took Cinderella from home to the Royal Ball
2.) The frog awaiting the magical kiss from the princess
3.) Red roses similar to magic rose that blooms until beast finds true love/breaking spell
4.) A tulip like the one that Thumbelina lived inside
5.) A royal red runner with rose petals and sparkly fairy dust leads to the bridal table
6.) Glass slippers as place card holders at each table
7.) White chair coverings w/pink bows tied at the back; soft organza and silk ribbons

1.) Once Upon a Dream, from Sleeping Beauty
2.) A Whole New World, from Aladdin
3.) A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, from Cinderella
4.) Other tracks to transport guests at the wedding to scenes from fairy tales

Caterer to prepare fantasy foods that include:
1.) Rich creamy, sauces
2.) Prettily prepared veggies and unique breads
3.) Huge ice sculpture in the middle of the buffet table shaped like a castle
4.) Wedding cake of white, soft pink rosebuds and crystallized sugary coating

Wedding Gown:
Gown should make you look like a princess
1.) Huge ball gown adorned with sparkly glitter
23.) Sweep your hair up, intertwine it with pearls or soft pale ribbons
If you want something a little more subtle:
1.) Juliet-type dress with ribbons criss-crossing front and back and ballerina shoes
2.) Bridesmaids dressed in flowing pastel colored fabric dresses
3.) Groomsmen should be a classic prince in a formal tuxedo

1.) Bridal party would arrive and leave in a spectacular horse-drawn carriage
2.) Decorate the carriage and horses with the same soft pastel flowers and silk ribbons used in your wedding decorations.

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Comment by Karen Wall Garrison on June 22, 2009 at 5:40am
Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to paint a fairy tale themed wedding!!! Great ideas!!

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