Over the weekend, during some insomniac moments, I decided to do some browsing through various sites. During my sessions, I came across some really awesome color combinations – many of which are this year’s hottest colors!

Here are just a few:

Orange and Hot Pink
Tiffany blue paired with Black and White
Turquoise and Lime Green (or, citrone)
Purple (lighter shades, like Lilac) with Black
Hot Pink and Lime Green
Orange and Brown
Lime Green and Butter
Yellow and Gray

Do you see a trend with Lime Green … hmmmm …

While Black is still a popular color choice, it seems as though Gray is rapidly becoming the new black – as I’m seeing it everywhere.

My favorite is the Lime Green and Butter combination – the softness of the Butter shade really combines well with the brightness of the Lime – a great contrast that really says “wow!” (at least in my eyes anyway)!

Whatever your color choices, have fun with them!


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