Indian weddings are extravagant, big and hyped to a whole new level. Indian families take months and sometimes even years to plan the perfect wedding. There are a lot of things to be considered from food to décor, outfits to the rituals. There is so much confusion and a lot of this is taken care of by wedding planners and the family members. In most of our weddings, the bride normally takes a huge part of the limelight as a lot of rituals are surrounded by her presence and her needs and necessities are given the first priority, even before the groom. It is time to change that and make the groom as important as the bride. Hence, we have put together a simple guide for the groom on his big day.

Contrary to the belief that the groom does not have much to do during wedding preparations, he does have to get involved in various aspects of the process. Indian weddings do not involve just the lucky couple, the entire family and the extended family gets together. This means a whole lot of unwanted, extra opinions, arguments and discussions. This is something that has to be tackled carefully and with perspective. If you keep your calm through all this, your wedding planning journey will be a smooth ride towards your moment of ‘I do’.  

Here are some simple things you need to be involved with as a groom at your wedding:

1. Be an active part of the discussions: Yes, your opinion matters and if it means something to you, it has to be expressed. These discussions could be about themes, the various functions, the colour co-ordination, food and so on. The list is endless but you will have to be interested in all.

2. The fun part: The wedding is preceded by a lot of fun parties and functions. Make sure that you are prepared for it all. Select the music, the types of games that you will play and simply how you will bring life to the entire party.

3. Grooming: Do not just put this off to the last minute. You need to plan ahead of time. Get a haircut, skin treatments and grooming your stubble or beard. All this needs to be planned way ahead of time.

4. Wardrobe: What are you going to wear at each function? You need to look for the perfect wedding sherwani for men. You can get a wedding sherwani for men at exclusive stores that sell both designer and customized sherwanis. Plus, you will also need a tux or a counterpart for your reception. The fitting, tailoring and colour needs to be on point.

5. Be present: It is your wedding. Although a lot of things might not concern you, it wouldn’t hurt to be interested and supportive to the family and your bride.

There you have it: a guide for the groom for their wedding planning! It is your big day. Make a memory that lasts a lifetime!

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