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A guide to choosing a wedding DJ in Cheshire

A wedding DJ is largely responsible for the fun that goes down in a wedding occasion. To have an awesome wedding reception, you need to hire a good DJ as any decision to the contrary is potentially calamitous. In other words, one of the things needed to light up the mood of your guests and friends at your wedding reception is a well-rounded, entertaining and skilled DJ. Indeed, it’s no wonder one of the biggest concerns of couples is choosing the right DJ for their wedding. For everyone based in Cheshire, you should not panic over this because here are some things to consider when choosing a wedding DJ.


Experience is the first and the most important thing to consider when choosing a wedding DJ. If you plan to have one in Cheshire, then you have to hire a DJ with enough exposure and experience with wedding receptions in the city. Demand for a list of wedding receptions in Cheshire wherein the DJs have performed to find out the opinions of their former clients about their services. This will give you an insight into their capabilities and what to expect from them should they get hired. Again, this must not be overlooked. A DJ with extensive and varied experience in Cheshire should be your topmost priority.

References and Referrals

One other way to select a proper DJ for your wedding in Cheshire is through references and referrals. Meet up with the caterers, photographers or even the limo companies which you have hired and ask them to make you a list of some of the best wedding DJs in Cheshire. Since these people are professionals in their own right and have frequented more weddings in Cheshire than you have done, their recommendations are definitely worthwhile.


You should cut your coat according to your size. Before going ahead to hire that DJ for the wedding you are having in Cheshire, you need to agree on a price. Your pocket is your guide here. You need to go for a DJ whose services you can afford.

Examine the equipment

Expectedly, your wedding DJ will provide speakers, their stands, mixing desks, amplifiers, headphones, microphone, cables as well as other sound equipment necessary for your wedding disco. Therefore, be smart enough to examine the equipment before the big day. It's important that the equipment is of good quality and also in a perfect working condition. If possible, ask your DJ to come with back up equipment in case any of the main ones malfunction.

Examine their Music Library

Finally, before choosing a DJ for your wedding in Cheshire, go through their music library. There are special types of songs to be played at a wedding reception. Hence, the need to ensure that your DJ has an extensive library of music to meet up with the special occasion.

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