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A Guide to Matching Your Cufflinks to Your Outfit

Men often wonder how to match a pair of cufflinks to their outfit. Basically, in terms of mixing and matching a pair of cufflinks, it all boils down to personal taste and preference.

You need to dig deeper and ask yourself: Do you prefer bold or large accessories? Or would you rather wear colourful novelty cufflinks that are more decorative than functional?

In any case, this guide will give you the basics in matching a pair of cufflinks with your basic outfit. From there, it should give you an idea on how to complete your overall attire. 

Today’s cufflinks come in a wide array of styles and designs. From the traditional silver- or gold-plated ones to those embellished with precious stones to novelty cufflinks, you can definitely find a pair that suits your style.

Basic rule: The colour of your shirt

The bottom line is—a pair of cufflinks should complement the colour of your shirt. Additionally, analogous or related colours such as blue and purple, orange and yellow, blue and green, etc. can be paired together.

Meanwhile, for patterned shirts, pick a pair of cufflinks that match ones of the colour patterns on your shirt.

For example, if you’re wearing a white or plain blue dress shirt, coordinate your cufflinks with the colour of your tie. You can always opt for another alternate pairing strategy for your tie and cufflinks.

A big pattern should be matched with a small pattern, for example, a subtle tie with bold cufflinks or vice versa.

Pale blue and silver or gold cufflinks

The safest you could go is a blue shirt and silver or gold cufflinks. This works because the shade of yellow (gold) complements the purplish blue shade, which is pleasing to the eyes.

Meanwhile, since silver works with blue as well, silver also complements blue’s darker cousin, navy. But this may come off as a more formal colour. To tone it down, you can pick a novelty cufflinks with a chequered pattern.

Cufflinks and ties

This time, we’re pairing a tie with the patterned shirt and highlighting the ensemble with a silver knot cufflinks. The tie features a large area of green that corresponds to the green lines on the chequered shirt. Since silver is a safe colour for a pair of cufflinks, the tie and shirt together are not in competition with the cufflinks. As such, the cufflinks is the highlight of the ensemble.

Mixing and matching may look easy but you may still feel a bit confused. But always keep in mind that your style depends on your taste and your preference. Wear your confidence, and just remember the basics. If unsure, always go with a pair of novelty cufflinks. And when feeling adventurous, try out bolder ones. Have fun! Bio:

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