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A Modern Twist on Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are some of the most romantic settings out there due to their intricate detail and history. But there’s a new trend on the rise that’s adding a new, modern twist to these heirloom rings. Lab-grown diamonds have stepped onto the scene and made a big splash, but the juxtaposition of coupling them with vintage settings is catching the eyes of many couples. See why people are loving this conflict-free mined diamond alternative. Plus, browse some of the most sought-after vintage designs.


What is a lab-grown diamond?

Science is incredible and advances in technology have given us so many new opportunities, especially with the ‘green’ revolution that’s taking place. One of those advancements is the ability to grow a diamond inside a lab. Think about it. How is a diamond made under the earth? Carbon + high heat + high pressure = raw diamond. So, how did scientists learn to make it indoors? Carbon + high heat + high pressure! The only difference you’ll find between a man-made diamond and a mined diamond is its origin.

By mixing this new-age technology with the historic look of a vintage ring, it’s like taking a piece from the past and putting a 21st century spin on it. Millennials are some of the biggest proponents of lab-grown diamonds because they’re an eco-friendly alternative to mined stones. As previous decades, and even centuries, start to come back in fashion, so have vintage style engagement rings.

But it’s not just the millennials who are loving this trend. Individuals who have had vintage rings for long periods of time, or even those who were passed down a true heirloom, are also looking for a modern upgrade. It’s fairly common to add a newer or better diamond to your engagement ring at some of the big marriage milestones. Now, couples have the option of making this upgrade with a lab-made diamond.

Breathtaking Vintage Styles

One of the most beautiful parts of a vintage ring is the ornate detailing. Rings like the one below have such intricate metal work -- also known as Filigree -- that you could stare at it for days. The stunning side stones accentuate the beauty of the setting and only add to the sparkle of the center diamond.

Although halo engagement rings are currently a huge bridal trend, this hasn’t been the first time for their popularity. This ring style can actually be traced back as far as the 1700s but really started to shine (no pun intended) in the Victorian era.

On many vintage engagement rings, you’ll find floral patterns or metal work. This was widely common during the Georgian Era, along with other natural elements such as leaves.

Art Deco rings brought about the geometric ring trend, so many vintage engagement rings look beautiful with fancy-shaped diamonds.

Although vintage engagement rings often take people back in time, there’s now a new way to add a modern twist on this ring setting. Considering adding a lab-grown diamond to your vintage ring or upgrading a family heirloom. Some things, like ring designs, we want to bring with us from the past. Mined diamonds, on the other hand, are one thing that can be left behind.

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