Obviously, it takes two to make a marriage, but what makes a wedding special for BOTH the bride and groom? The best way to find that out is to create an idea board or album. Find photos, drawings, fabric samples, color swatches, anything that you and/or your groom like. If you each put some ideas together of things you would like to see at your wedding, you can then sit together and merge them into your album. This will be your first test in compromise.


Another thing this will do is to show your groom that not only are you interested in marrying him, but you are interested in his input and him being an active part in planning this special day, not just being there for the ceremony and reception. From what I have seen, most men do not think their opinion will count for much, so they stay back. Asking for his help to make the wedding and ceremony customized to the things you both like and want, will show him how much you value his opinion.


As you work on matching your ideas, you will be able to figure out the priority list I mentioned when talking about your budget in a previous note. Little things will get figured out first, though. Like the colors you would like for your special day. Perhaps he likes blue and you like purple. Find color swatches at the hardware or paint store for the shade that each like and put that in your album. You will also be able to better figure out what kind of ceremony you want and where you would like to have it.


By making this day about each of you, and you as a couple, you will make it all the more special to those that love you, as well. They will see bits of each of you throughout the special day and it will help to tell the story of how you became a couple and why you are becoming husband and wife.


Good luck in your planning!

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