Above Ground Pools Scams to Avoid When Planning a Summer Wedding Party

From the favorable weather and the long sunny days to the sizzling décor, there is everything to love about summer weddings. And while you have limitless summer wedding ideas, one stands out most. It is a poolside party.

A poolside reception adds glamor to your wedding and is more guest-friendly, especially if you enjoy swimming. The choice of pools is extensive. One of the most affordable is setting or renting an above ground pool. However, with the rise in demand, you can easily fall for above ground pool scams that will ruin your summer wedding. 

Here are some common above ground pool scams to avoid.

Unrealistic Cost of Above Ground Pools

One of the most common types of above ground pool fraud is when a seller offers you your dream pool at a price that is too good to be true. You may be tempted to take advantage of a bargain. However, remember that these deals frequently include hidden fees or low-quality products. Scammers may use poor-quality materials or charge unreasonable fees for accessories. The average cost of an above ground pool is about  $2,850, with the highest price reaching $11,200.

To avoid this above-ground pool scam, read online reviews on platforms like PissedConsumer.com to learn about the company's reliability. If you notice previous complaints, take extra precautions and double-check everything.

Fake Above Ground Pool Companies

Most consumers prefer buying things online as it is convenient,  less time-consuming, and stress-free. However, if you are not careful, you can easily fall for a non-existent above ground pool company and end up empty-handed.

You may avoid falling for such above ground pool fraud by scanning through the company's address and legal information. If it doesn't show up, you are most likely dealing with scammers.

Phony Installation Services

Another common above ground pool company scam relates to fraudulent installation services. Some companies may promise professional installation but fail to keep their word or disappear after payment. Sometimes, the installation is substandard. It may lead to safety hazards and additional repair costs.

Cash Deposit Scam

The contractor will hurriedly show you photos of their products and previous work. They may also show you how their services are more affordable than anyone else in the pool market, but you must pay a sufficiently large cash deposit before they can add you to their schedule. 

Asking for a deposit to show commitment is not always wrong, but when the deposit is not recorded and is too high, that raises a red flag. 

Above Ground Pool Warranty Coverage Scam

Many above ground pool companies offer warranty coverage to assure customers that their products are high quality and will last. However, some vendors may promise extensive warranties but fail to honor them when issues arise. If something happens to your pool, such a situation will spoil your summer wedding reception.

To avoid this above ground companies scam, carefully read the warranty terms and conditions before the deal.

Enjoy Your Summer Wedding Party

An above-ground pool can be an excellent addition to your summer wedding party. It creates lasting memories and helps overcome summer heat. However, stay vigilant and informed if you want to avoid falling victim to scams. You can ensure your wedding party is perfect by researching sellers, the actual cost of above ground pools, and verifying warranties.

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