Top Tips when Hiring a Wedding DJ or party DJ in Sussex

Brought to you by Heart and Soul Wedding DJ Sussex
  1. Don't book on price alone - too cheap usually equals bedroom DJ or desperate Dan - neither of whom you want to book for your party.
  2. Think about how much it costs for a good DJ to provide an evenings entertainment for your wedding or party - for example, Vehicles, Travel, Storage, Insurance, Music Licences, Equipment, Lighting, Cabling, Experience, Preparation and Time.  In general terms, if you are paying less than £50/h, something might be missing!  Remember, if you just want someone with a speaker and I Pod, or a Maplin Mixer and £50 lights, then pay sub £150 and its a lucky dip!
  3. Its all about the music - don't get hung up about only what the booth looks like  - a pro DJ will have a neat and tidy functional set-up, and this will vary based on venue size, and number of guests.
  4. Do ask if he can take requests, and how many songs he has on hand.  It keeps guests interested if they can request songs. Over 10,000 songs on a Mac book, and its probably  a professional you are hiring.  "Unlimited" off wifi / itunes on the night, and you are on shaky ground.
  5. Do ask if he will make a custom playlist for you -most pro DJ's will ask you for music preferences and build your party around these.
  6. Do think about your guests needs, don't request a night of Metal and Indie if your demographics don't fit!
  7. Do respect the DJ, and listen to their advice - after all, they do this every week, so practice makes perfect.  They in turn must be willing to listen to your ideas.
  8. Do they have a full back-up available?  What happens if he has a amp blow 20 minutes into your function?
I hope these pointers help you choose the right Wedding DJ / Mobile Disco, and remember, with Heart and Soul Disco in Sussex you have a professional and reliable business with a great track record in entertaining.

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