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After the Ceremony: 4 Items of Business Newlyweds Need to Consider

The busy pace of planning a wedding does not stop after you say your vows. There are still many orders of business that you will need to complete. Keep these four important tasks in mind as you plan your time after your wedding.

Changing Last Names

After getting married, it used to be a given that a woman would change her last name. In today's culture, this is no longer a given. Some men change their last names, and some couples decide to combine their last names and hyphenate them. A few people actually choose a completely different last name. Changing your name will require a copy of your marriage certificate, and you'll need to update your driver's license, credit cards, social security card and insurance information.

Finding a Home

After getting married, you may want to find a home to live in together. This is a great way to enjoy more space and privacy if you previously lived in an apartment. Working with a realtor, like those at Re/Max of Boulder, Inc., know that this is the ideal way to find a home. A realtor has the inside scoop about the best deals on the market, the hottest neighborhoods and which neighborhoods are increasing in market value.

Updating Wills

Another important order of business after getting married is to update your will. Having an up-to-date, valid will makes it easier for your partner to handle your affairs. If you have children from a previous marriage or a former spouse, you may want to make some changes in order to include your new spouse as an heir to your estate. After purchasing a home, you will also need to include its distribution or sale in your will.

Making Changes to Insurance

A marriage is considered to be a life-changing event that allows you to make changes to your life insurance, auto insurance policy or health insurance coverage. Your spouse may be able to add you to his or her policies if you previously did not have coverage or your coverage was pricey. You may wish to increase your coverage level to provide financial benefits to your new spouse. A combined policy often costs less than two separate policies.

After your marriage ceremony, you may take a honeymoon and relax. Once you return, you will have to get back to business. From finding a new place to live to making sure your documents are complete, you will be busy. The time you spend doing these tasks will benefit your new spouse.

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