Alluring Wedding Reception Venues of Sydney

When weddings are made in heaven, receptions are held in Sydney.

As Rhoda Roberts rightly puts it, the spirit of Sydney can only be defined as soulful,
sexy and sophisticated. The people, the lifestyle, the landscape, the sky, the
harbour, the icons, the culture, the art – everything that is Sydney proclaims
it! And where else would you want your big day to happen if not in the most
sexy, soulful and sophisticated city that is also the most happening, exciting
city of the world?

In Sydney, the options for a wedding reception venue are many. The wedding reception
setting can be ooh-so quiet and romantic or just cool and casual or absolutely
sophisticated and stylish! Again, the venues can be outdoors or indoors, on the
waterfront or right on the Sydney Harbour! Whether it be a spring, summer, fall
or winter wedding, in Sydney, there are options and ideas galore! As there is
no setting more spectacular than the harbour in Sydney, the most popular
locations lie around the Sydney Harbour.

Sydney is a place well endowed by nature. There are vast areas of parklands which are
naturally pleasing to the eye that really can do without human interventions
for beautification which might inevitably spoil them!

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the city’s favourite venues for weddings and
receptions with its expansive lush green lawns and beautiful gardens and
heritage buildings. The sandstone buildings evoke nostalgia, and the country
gardens, garden steps, awnings and eaves have an old world charm which
naturally renders the setting romantic! These venues are usually done up by the
clients according to their own personal ideas and preferences. The glasshouse
provides a unique atmosphere while the lawns provide a breathtaking view of the
Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and all!

The Rocks is a historic area where every stone, laneway and street corner tells the tales
of a bygone era! The Rocks has lots of garden lands as well as sophisticated,
stylish restaurants and hotels that provide fabulous venues for weddings and
receptions. There are churches too that would provide ideal locations for those
who wish to walk down the aisle the traditional way.

Fort Denison, a heritage site that has witnessed the history and evolution of
Sydney, provides a unique setting with its beautiful sandstone structure. Over
and above, inherent in the package is the romance of getting wed on a cute,
small island with a 360-degree view of the Sydney Harbour, the icons and the
city skyline! There are other island locations too like the Clark Island which
are popular spots due to their landscape and harbour views and huge potential
for enchanting photography to keep the special day fresh in the memory for
years to come.

The Broadwalks and Forecourt of Sydney Opera House provide famous venues for
wedding receptions with a view of the harbour and the Harbour Bridge. The
stairs, the landings, the lobbies and every other nook and corner of the Opera
House render ideal locations to strike lovey-dovey camera poses to treasure
fond memories of the big day!

If not the waterfront, why not the beach? Sydney is a beautiful land bordered by a string
of delightful beaches! The crystal blue waters, the pearl-white sands and the
flawless blue sky together form a very pretty backdrop. The ambience of the
Sydney beaches are so inviting that you would be tempted to kick your shoes
off, sink your feet into the sand and exchange your wedding vows with the waves
washing your feet! In case you are tempted, do not hesitate; just go right
ahead and give in to the temptation! In this exciting city, it is perfectly
natural to do so!

A little magic, a touch of exclusivity, a blend of sophistication and style and a lifetime of
romance is the promise that awaits you on a Sydney Harbour Wedding cruise! It
has all the elements of a dream wedding – the setting, the views, the music,
the food, the wine and the fairytale mood. And the couple sails right away into
wedded bliss!

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