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Are You Planning a Hen Do for the First Time? Here’s How to Do it Right

Ah, the hen do. It can either be one evening out on the town or a weekend at a different location. Either way, you’re the one who’s supposed to plan the whole thing, and one of your biggest challenges is making sure that everything goes well. It’s a very important event, after all, and if it’s not done right, you could very well disappoint the bride in one of the supposedly best times of her life. But if it’s your first time to plan a hen do, how, you wonder, do you plan such a complex event from start to finish? Well, help is on the way. Are you planning a hen do for the first time? Here’s how to do it right.

Decide on the date and invitations

The first step is to decide on the date according to the bride’s schedule. It’s best to plan the event for about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the big day so everyone has time to recover. After you’ve decided on the date, decide on the guests and then send out the invitations. It’s also best to send out invitations ASAP so guests have time to sort out their schedules. At this point, speak to the bride and ask her if there is anything she wants or doesn’t want – whilst the planning is in your hands, it’s still wise to know what the bride will enjoy.

Be realistic

When it comes to planning activities, take everyone into consideration. Plan activities which can suit the entire guest list – but you have another option as well. For the moms and aunts, you may want to plan a separate, more sedate event (such as a tea party) on a different day. For the ‘wilder’ set, plan other activities (such as a hen do life drawing class).  You can plan a life drawing hen party for friends and younger guests, where everyone can have fun drawing a model at a private location. This kind of party can even come with a butler, drinks, and some cheeky and exciting games.  

Whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to be realistic with other activities as well. If you’ve planned a host of other activities for the bride and guests, give them time to be prepared from one activity to the next.

Be organised with the budget

When it comes to the budget, know that not everyone may have lots of cash to spend. A typical hen do weekend may cost about £200, and this can take care of 2 nights in a B&B as well as some drinks, one activity, and supper. But there’s also everyone’s circumstances to consider – for instance, some guests may be pregnant, some may be young mothers, and so on – so take these into consideration and come up with other options which may be suitable.

If you’re heading to another location altogether, it may also be wise to organise transportation such as minibuses or taxis, but this can also add to the cost. It’s best to have a contingency plan by adding £10 for each guest and let them know you’re adding it for emergencies. If the money isn’t used in the end, you can always buy additional drinks with it. Make sure to present everyone with a cost breakdown so they will know where their funds are going. Have fun, and good luck!

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