Autumn Weddings - Planning the Wedding Decor, Menu, Favors, and More!

Autumn colors are bold, vibrant, warm and inviting making fall time a perfect theme for the beginning of your marriage adventure. By scheduling your wedding at this time of year you'll reap the benefits of off-season planning and no extreme weather.

Choose the Right Wedding Décor for Your Autumn Wedding. As the seasons change, the trademark colors also shift from bright and warm colors to bold and neutral hues. In autumn, the distinctive colors typically range from reds, oranges, browns, and greens. Don't shy away from using these colors in your décor. For example, the color of the bridesmaids' dresses could be gold, burgundy, chocolate brown, hunter green, there are endless choices.

Pick the Right Menu. There are lots of delicious foods that come to mind when you think autumn. Foremost, let's start with Thanksgiving. It is a very bright idea to steal dishes straight from the table. Your menu could include something like turkey, smoked ham, roast chicken. All the dishes seem to fit in perfectly with the fall season. As your appetizers, you can serve a glass of cider. Who says your wedding cake has to be traditional too? Try something festive such as a red velvet cake or carrot cake!

Pick the Perfect Wedding Favors. You want send your guests home with something special to remember the wedding ceremony. Scented candles would totally go with the flow of your wedding theme. Or you could be even more unique and give your guests a taste of what coming. Send them home with a flower bulb that they can grow in the spring season.

Hire a Wedding Photographer. Most importantly, it is essential for you to hire a photographer to capture all the exciting moments as they unfold on camera. This was you will have tons of memories that you can look back on. Taking pictures in fall poses many great opportunities. The vivid landscape is a great scene for outdoor candid wedding pictures.

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