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Is it fashion or passion? Influencers, celebrities, models, fashionistas, to name but a few, are the leaders in setting and following the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Nowadays, it’s easy for everybody to familiarize themselves with the high fashion trends and street styles as they are presented on social media. The fusion of styles and innovations are always fun to follow and experiment with.

Here are the hottest trends for this year’s fashion mania.

Bike Shorts for Red Carpets

Yeah, bike shorts are the new definition of elegance. Gone are the days when clothes were categorized and used for a single purpose only. These sport-intended shorts are very comfortable and will suit any body shape and size. Runways and street styles appreciate them equally and women seem to love them.

Trendy outfits that combine one-color bike shorts and an oversized blazer or long, elegant jacket were presented by many influencers and celebrities. The blend of sportswear and high fashion looks is, in fact, refreshing and chic. Don’t hesitate to try out this look on your next night out.

Sustainable Swimwear

Many brands are trying to achieve the “green brand” reputation. Therefore, they’re starting to produce swimsuits that are made using only recycled materials. Moreover, sustainable swimsuits include fabrics dyed with non-toxic ingredients that won’t add to water and air pollution. They are manufactured in factories that comply with strict environmental protection regulations.

As a lot of people are trying to raise awareness for the need to protect our planet from environmental pollution, this eco trend is attracting more and more followers. Fill your wardrobe with more ethical clothes. It’s trendy to be eco-friendly.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are taking over street fashion. They fall in and out of style but this spring and summer the animal instinct overrules the fashionistas. Bold leopard prints are most common and can be seen on every item of clothing, pants, dresses, shoes, skirts. Matching print creates a jungle cat look, and the leopard print bag and shoes as accessories will make you look chic and trendy.

Zebra and Snake prints are also back in the game. Dresses, long jackets, and shirts in snake prints can be seen on mannequins these days.

Catwalks are encouraging combinations that mix all prints together. Yeah, it takes a lot of courage to follow the lead of the chic fashionistas that seem to love animal prints.

More colorful Prints - the Tartan

It seems that this year’s trends are all about colors and prints. Surprisingly, tartan also appeared in high-fashion and in street fashion this year. Fairly missed, this traditional print isn’t worn subtly. Combinations of different patterns and colors for all the outfit items made an impression on the fashion world.

Red, blue, green or yellow, pick your tartan print for your whole outfit. Tartan skirts are beautiful and they can be combined to achieve an elegant look or a totally grunge-rock one. Your tartan jacket will go great with a tight leather dress or over your casual jeans – t-shirt combination. This print is a huge deal this fashion season, so don’t be afraid to pull off a tartan look.

Hat Fever

It’s a great ‘90s comeback; hat fever is real.

If you don’t have a colorful, or waterproof, or ‘90s print bucket hat you should put that on your shopping list. You can wear them with any outfit; dress, pantsuits or overalls and have protection and style at the same time.

Wide brim hats are yet again on the must-have list of accessories for this spring-summer season. They are a style signature and will transform any outfit from ordinary to fabulous.

Vibrant shades for extremely oversized brims and black color for medium-sized hats are the season’s choices. Catwalks are even showing a little twist in this summer’s hat trend, pairing them with additional headbands. Interesting idea, isn’t it?

Colorful Mascara or Neon Lips?

Beauty and makeup trends are also greatly influenced by high fashion. Colorful choices for clothes apply for makeup as well. Therefore, trading your boring mascara for a colored one will work miracles for your gorgeous look. Choose neon color or a bright color that will make a bold statement. It’s a very simple makeup trend that will add to your fancy looks with minimal effort.

If you are more of a lipstick person skip up the mascara thing and trade it with neon lips look. Bright red or hot pink or maybe all the whole neon palette if you can afford one. However, make sure you’re using natural cosmetics throughout the summer, and avoid the heavy stuff during the day.

The Bronzer is back

Sun-kissed skin with little glitter is trendy this year. The bronzer was all over the runways, placed on the model’s cheekbones, neck, and cleavage.

As summer approaches, make sure to pick your favorite bronzer. It goes well with tanned skin, making it look glittery and smooth. You can use it both as a blusher or a highlighter, by combining different shades. It is so trendy and chick you can use it to emphasize any part of the face or body part.

Natural Eyebrows

Makeup trends are moving over the perfect Instagram brows. Long enough, the aggressive eyebrow contouring was the essential part of the makeup routine. Virgin eyebrows are back and they are raw and real.

Let your eyebrows get back in their natural form and line. Filling the flaws with a simple eyebrow pencil will add to the full and bushy look. Makeup experts suggest brushing your brows upwards to achieve an eye-opening effect.

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