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Bespoke Diamond Ring Design And How To Make It Look Bigger

Most of us are already aware that the size, or the weight of the stone is not really the most important thing about a diamond engagement ring. Though sometimes, when we see a huge diamond rock on somebody else’s finger; we stop, stare and yearn for a piece of that bright sparkle as well.

People have always been fascinated with diamonds for over a thousand years. During most of that time, the skill of the cutter was quantified by the size of the cut stone that he could make out of a rough diamond. Remember though, a smaller, excellently cut stone exhibiting more brilliance can be worth more than a larger chunk of a dull diamond. That’s why you should focus more on brilliance over proportions and weight alone.

Bespoke jewellery can truly emit a style and design that will balance out these factors. After all, you’ll personally be involved in the design process, making sure that you’re fully aware and satisfied with every material used, as well as with the dimensions of the stone and ring itself.

But before going out there and making an appointment with a bespoke jeweller, it’s recommended that you have a slight idea on what design to go for. Here’s our guide to making sure that your diamond ring is an absolute show-stopper, no matter what size it may be:

You have to choose your band size wisely

A slender band can be a nifty approach to overcome more than one common ring point. Do you think that you have large hands? Opt for a slim band. Do you think you have fat fingers? Opt for a slim band. Do you want to make your central diamond look bigger? Again, opt for a slim band. A slim band will ultimately focus the eye on the diamond stone/s, making it look larger than it really is.

The pave setting

Here, we have not one diamond, but instead, a cluster of small diamonds that were intimately set. In this setting, it can difficult to differentiate an individual stone with the other, allowing an excellent effect that looks rather remarkable. The more complex the pave setting is, the bigger demand for professional skill, so dealing with larger areas of pave set diamonds can be quite expensive than with other designs.

The cathedral setting

With this particular design, the central stone is positioned just above the band of the ring. Fused with the metal of the ring itself, this ultimately adds height, thus, making the diamond appear bigger.

The halo setting

Much like a mix of cathedral and pave settings, the Halo setting surrounds the middle stone with smaller diamonds, and the whole effect is that of an even larger looking ring. In fact, Halo rings are actually the most popular choice of engagement rings these days.

Pick a ‘fancy’ shape

Any diamond stone not cut in round shape is usually referred to as a ‘fancy’ shape. An elongated, pear or oval shaped stone often looks larger than the equivalent carats in square or round designs. This is perhaps the most certain way of increasing your gem size. Fancy shaped diamond stones are also likely to be less pricey due to its lower demand in the market. Lastly, the most important thing is to choose a certain type of ring and diamond stone that you will really fall in love with, no matter the size. Your engagement ring is a symbol of your love, passion, and commitment; choosing a particular design that will truly represent that is more than enough.


For more than ten years, Daniel Greenberg has been hand crafting DG Bespoke Jewellery and is known as a trained master diamond mounter and goldsmith. As he was taught by one of the best jewelers in London (his father), Daniel makes certain that all his unique pieces are pure perfection.

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