Bridal Boudoir - Must Have Item for 2010 Wedding Season!

Bridal Boudoir
Tasteful, Classy, Flirty & Sassy!

The 2010 Miss USA Pageant cause quite a media stir this past May, when official contestant photos featured the 51 hopefuls in lingerie. "We are in the business of beauty and the contestants who compete for the title of Miss USA are not afraid to be sexy," said Miss Universe VP of Marketing and Public Relations Lark-Marie Anton. "These ladies are the full package - smart, accomplished, relevant and sexy!"

Smart. Accomplished. Relevant. Sexy. This reflects the attitude of man women today. What better way to reflect that confidence than through tasteful, romantic photography. Boudoir photography is a visual testament to the beauty of today's woman.

Bridal Boudoir has become increasing popular in recent years - and is the must-have item for 2010 brides. Many brides are choosing photographers to have these beautiful images published in hard cover photo albums to present as a wedding gift to the groom!

Boudoir images make a unique and very personal gift to a significant other on a special occasion (or just because). They are the perfect gift for the wedding day, Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, those serving abroad in the armed forces, weight loss, weight gain, and an infinite number of other occasions. Sometimes a woman just wants to have some beautiful images as a gift to herself! Anytime is a great time to look and feel beautiful.

Even with its surge in popularity, some women are still a little curious about what boudoir photography really is, and are unsure if they are ready to schedule a boudoir photo session. Boudoir comes from the 18th century French word defined as, "a woman's bedroom or a private sitting room." Boudoir photography therefore, usually takes place in an intimate setting such as a bedroom or hotel room. The main focus of boudoir photography is to capture you in the most flattering way.

A misconception is that boudoir photography is overtly sexual. Nothing could be further from truth! Boudoir photography is about confidence and attitude. You don't even have to wear lingerie! Some women prefer to be dressed more casually, perhaps a T shirt and shorts, a sports jersey, or his button-down shirt. You can be fully dressed and take beautiful images! Boudoir photography is all about you and your comfort level. Images can be sensual, romantic, sexy, soft, or naughty. Everyone has their own idea about what sexy is. What makes you feel beautiful and sexy? Maybe it's you in your favorite piece of Victoria's Secret Lingerie, or perhaps in you in your favorite little black dress. Wardrobe possibilities are endless, but ultimately, the photo session and the resulting images is all about you.

A boudoir photo session is a great confidence booster. Why should celebrities and supermodels be the only ones looking perfect in print? Now you can too! You don't have to be Miss USA to look like one! :)
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