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Well, helloooooo weekend! Hope you are all having a great Friday. Here's a DIY inspirational beauty to send you off into your wedding planning weekend. With old desks, books, birdcages and homemade pies in all of the right places it's chock full of ideas for you DIY brides looking for some adorable ideas. Have a great one lovelies!

casualdiywedding1.jpgcasualdiywedding2.jpgcasualdiywedding3.jpgcasualdiywedding4.jpgcasualdiywedding5.jpgcasualdiywedding6.jpgcasualdiywedding7.jpgcasualdiywedding8.jpgcasualdiywedding9.jpgcasualdiywedding10.jpgcasualdiywedding11.jpgcasualdiywedding12.jpgcasualdiywedding13.jpgcasualdiywedding14.jpgcasualdiywedding15.jpgcasualdiywedding16.jpgImages by Kurt Bloomer Photography



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