Christian Matrimony Function of South India

Christianity is one if the religions practiced by many in the country. The Christian community is settled in all parts of the country. In the state of South India, many Christians are migrated from other parts of the globe and settled in here. Though Christianity is a religion coming from the west, in India, the religion has been modified according to Indian sensibilities. The South Indian Christian Matrimony follows the rules and rituals of church wedding with a bit of Indian touch and flavor.

When I attended the church wedding of my dear friend, I came to notice some good contrast from a usual Christian wedding.  She is from the state of Kerala in South India. The Christian Matrimony customs and rituals in the states of South India is a happy mix of Indian customs and western traditions. Many Christian families on the wedding follow a ritual, which have traditional Indian roots and western rites of marriage. The weddings are held in the church. Receptions are usually a private affair with family and friends.  

On the wedding day, I saw my friend wearing a sari. The Indian Christian from South India wears saris and not a wedding gown, as is the custom of the west. The sari she is warning is usually in lighter shade and off white. On the wedding day, the sisters or cousins who are also dressed as bridesmaid are also wearing Indian traditional attire.

Another distinct thing about the Christian Matrimony of South India is that the wedding prayer service is in the local language. My friend is from Kerala and her mother tongue is Malayalam. The father or priest of the church presides over the prayer ceremony. The prayers are recited in the local language. The hymns are sung in English as well as in the local language.

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