Christmas Story Wedding Photography and Videography Service to British Bride and Groom in South-West London, UK

We have provided wedding photography and videography service to the friendly and intimate British bride & groom with their little angels in Teddington, South-West London last December with the wedding theme - Winter Wonderland.

This wedding was our another Christmas story wedding with special family warmth in the atmosphere while taking the beautiful couple's photos with two of their children in front of the classic fancy Christmas tree. The wedding is an emotional one with lots of involvements from the mother of the bride, who loves both the bride and the groom a lot.

Winter weddings are more different than summer time weddings for us because of a cold weather outside and the sun goes down quickly. That forced the couples and also their guests to go indoor. We usually take more photos with artificial light sources than summer time natural daylight photo and video shoots. The winter photos may look a bit more punchy and contrast, because of the directional light created deliberately.

Their wedding church ceremony was held in Saint Mary with Saint Alban Church, Teddington and their wedding banquet was held in Glenmore House wedding venue, Surbiton.

At the end of the day we took beautiful photos and videos, especially when their son was with them. Like many young boys, he wanted to run around. Perhaps it was just a little boring when he was told to stand still. But when the bride and the son were under the Christmas tree, the boy kissed the bride in a playful way. The mummy and son photos and video shots are just adorable.

We wish them a happy married life ever after!

Feel free to take a look at our Facebook page and our website to see more of their wedding photos!

Thank you

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