Tales From the Workroom:
Circles, Circle Skirts, and Patterns
Recently we had a Muslin Fitting at the shop with a Circle Skirt and it started a debate.  The Muslin was for a 2-Circle Skirt, but what would it look like if it were just a Circle and 1/2?  
What is a Circle Skirt and why is it called that?  Well if you lay the pattern out flat on a table it's literally a massive circle with a hole in the middle,
like a donut:
Computerized CAD Pattern by Instructables.com 
(I don't use CAD btw, preferring the old school way of using a Client's waistline measurement, length, and a compass on paper.)
When it's on a body it drapes in a certain way staying smooth up at the waistline and upper hipline with all the fullness at the bottom.  
Think 1950s Poodle Skirt.  Here are some examples of various circles in various amounts worn by Seams Couture Brides to give you an idea.
Here's what a 2-Circle looks like in action:
This is a Circle and a Half:
Here is a Full Circle:
Here's a Half Circle:
photo by Benoit & McCarthy
A Quarter Circle is your basic A-Line Skirt, slightly re-patterned.  
The more Circles, the fuller the skirt and the more volume at the hem.  Great for dancing which is probably why Square Dancers love it, but Brides who intend to hit the dance floor love it too for freedom and it makes for a great photo op!  Karen's skirt pictured below is another example of Circle and a Half:
photo by Jared Charney
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Ooo ooh one more!  Duchess Kate's Wedding Party Gown by Sarah Burton:
My guess is 2 full circles?  Lovely in a thick silk organdy, this had to hang in the workroom for a month at least before hemming.  Must have been a stunner on the dance floor!

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