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Creative ideas for a memorable wedding first dance

Some couples are not that enthusiastic when it comes to putting together their first dance at the wedding. Actually, no one has dancing skills or not all people love dancing. Luckily, there are some alternatives that will make the first dance much more pleasurable than it is. Instead of the classic dance that the bride and groom are performing in front of all the guests, you two can try something more nonconformist. There are a few couples that already tried some creative ideas that replaced the traditional first dance at their weddings. Here are some of these ideas and several dance styles you can choose from if you don’t fancy the ones that are usually selected for wedding first dances:

Brilliant ideas that impressed the world

These are a few ideas that some brave couples already tried for their wedding first dances. If you get inspired by them, you can replicate the idea and enjoy the moment yourself. Here’s what you can do:

  • Organize a flash mob

In case you don’t like being in the center of attention, this option might be the best for you. Your husband and you are going to start the first dance and then invite everyone else to join you, following the moves you selected. Hosting a flash mob instead of organizing a traditional first dance engages your guests as well. The moment will surely be memorable. You may want to organize a rehearsal before the big moment, at least with the important people in your life. The other guests can join the flash mob on the spot.

  • Guitar Hero or Just Dance

Have you heard about the games Guitar Hero and Just Dance? A few couples thought about playing one of these games in front of everyone. Is fun to play, is fun to watch and is easy to organize. You just need a projector, the game and you’re ready to go. Choose your song and mesmerize everyone with your skills.

  • Recreating a dance scene from a movie

You probably saw at least one movie that had a memorable dance scene. If you loved it, you can recreate it at your own wedding. Be careful though – it will require some effort and motivation. You will need to take extensive courses and study the dance scene in detail. Of course, hiring a dance instructor is necessary. You should find one that knows the dance scene already. The best way is on Twitter or other social media platforms, where you can see previous results of that instructor.

You can choose between different dance styles

If you prefer a specific dance style over the ones that are usually selected for the first dance, you can definitely take classes with your partner and rock it on the dancefloor at your wedding. Here are some styles to choose from:

  • Ballet – this might be the most uncommon type of dance selected for a first dance at a wedding, but if you used to practice ballet when you were young and you still got the moves, it is definitely a good choice. You will leave your guests breathless with this formal, elegant dance. If it’s your first time practicing ballet, don’t forget that it involves difficult foot moves and toe suspension.
  • Ballroom – ballroom is quite common for first dances. It is that type of dance that you see in Disney movies. It is a collection of dances that require a partner who leads and one who follows. Waltz is the traditional alternative for wedding dances, so you might want to step away from it. Try mambo, rumba or foxtrot instead. Swing is also very fun to learn.
  • Contemporary – this type of dance consists of both modern and post-modern dancing moves. Contemporary dances are used to transmit something, and what better opportunity other than sharing your love for your partner will you find? You need to express emotions through body movement, which is often very difficult to achieve. With a good instructor, you will learn it fast.
  • Jazz – you surely know what jazz looks like. It is a stage dance which was deeply appreciated in the 1950’s. Of course, you can modernize it and include other elements in it to make it more personal. Jazz is fun to learn and it leaves a great atmosphere behind, inviting the other guests to dance it as well. It’s easy to master and you will only need a few classes.
  • Modern – modern dance was developed somewhere around the 20th century, so it’s not that recent as people think. Modern dance is quite similar to traditional ballet, the only difference being that it is more relaxed. You have more freedom in choosing the routine, and you don’t need to follow strict steps. It’s great if you can’t remember steps easily.
  • Street dance – street dance incorporates a multitude of dance styles such as breakdancing, popping & locking, krumping and so on. It’s very difficult to learn and you should only choose it if you or your husband did it before. Plus, it will be pretty tricky to go from formal attire to XXL hoodies and back.

You can always combine multiple dance styles if you prefer. Making compilations of your favorite songs and dancing freely remains an option. It’s your wedding and you are allowed to feel good, no matter how the first dance turns out to be.

Don’t forget to start your courses early

No matter which one of the ideas mentioned above you will select, you need to start your courses long before the wedding. Even though you might think that learning a few dancing steps is easy, it takes a lot of preparation to remember these steps for a long period of time. It’s best to take constant courses. In case you chose to organize a flash mob or other crazy ideas, you may want to test it instead of doing it for the first time during the wedding. Something might go off and you don’t want your first dance to be ruined. Training is the key in order to obtain that dream wedding you expect.

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