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French fries are really amazing invention because it is tasty, lip-smacking, delicious, and tasty fast food. It is so amazing that you can have it with any meal. It is the part of food almost all over the world. To make these trendy French fries there are number of manufacturers in the market. And now you want to be the part of this market then you need to advertise your yummy French fries. For advertisement the packaging of these French fries can help you out so for this you can add printings on you French fry containers. You can add different graphics, company logo and descriptions on the French fries box for the customer`s attention.

These containers can be according to the nature of the French fries. Moreover the French fries are part of every event so you can different wishes, greetings on the French fries box so that your guests feel good while having these French fries.  To give your containers smooth, decent and mesmerizing look you can add different coating on the boxes such as glittery coating, glossy coating, matte coating, aqueous coating and UV coating etc.  These coating give your containers a lamination that increase its beauty.

Custom printed fries boxes wholesale

To make these French fries look more amazing and craving lets add some innovative features in your French fries containers. For this we can make these containers in different box styles such as Chinese takeout boxes, double wall front tuck, window die cut etc. You can also add handles along with French fries box to make it easy to carry. These containers can also be in the form of buckets. These containers can also be in the form of trays so that these French fries can be easy to serve. These containers have also variety in box shapes such as, hexagonal, cylindrical buckets etc.

These French fries box are also available in different size according to the capacity of the product. You can sale your fries in all small medium and large containers according to the customer`s choice. Still if you want some more features in your boxes you can also add designs that can give your different type of boxes such as food boxes, fries boxes, hot dog boxes attractive , eye catching , imaginative , ironic, and mesmerizing look. For these design professionals can help you out so that you can have these amazing containers with latest designs. These designs can be according to different flavors of the French fries. These containers are available in different colors with the help of color patterns. These colors make your containers look vibrant, funky, lively, and energetic. These color patterns are durable and do not faint. These colors are long lasting, water proofing and do not merge in any case.

How protect our product covid 19

Covid-19 is the basic issue of today`s time period it have changed the whole world. It has brought changings in every field of life. It is the case of life and death for everyone. Everyone wants to be safe from it. In the field of packaging almost everyone want to be safe from this because we don’t know from where we can be affected from this virus. So as people are very much worried about this virus so they look for hygienic and good things for eating. So to solve this issue you need to have good packaging material for these French fries containers. For this we can use Kraft as well as cardboard for these French fries containers.

These are light in weight as well as these are really ecofriendly. These are easily disposable that is very good thing in the case of COVID so that no one else can have French fries box. Moreover over manufacturing team also take all precautions while manufacturing these containers. Your health and safety is our first priority so we just make it as much nature friendly as we can. Other than Kraft and cardboard you can also use corrugated material which also ecofriendly and more stable. As because of this covid-19 the everything is locked and everyone is preferring takeaway or delivery so these boxes are very suitable for the transportation of French fries.

icustomboxes best manufacturer in Market

Icustomboxes is the best packaging company who provide you the best fries box. We provide free professional consultation so that you can easily communicate with them to design latest French fries containers.  We also offer wholesale rates for your packaging. We are very much affordable as compare to our competitors.

Our customer service team is really amazing because of their humble and kind nature so feel free to contact us. We provide free shipping. We are US based company but we provide shipping all over the world. For more details visit our website. We provide user friendly website keep on updating the website with latest packaging ideas. Order us now.


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