The word "Rune" means "secret wisdom" or "mystery". The runic alphabet is comprised of a 24 rune sequence, like the alphabet, that is known as the futhark. Like other phonetics based alphabets, each rune represents an idea and a sound, making them useful to spell out words. Though most experts believe their creation occurred sometime in the first century A.D., there are some who believe runes were first used as early as 200 B.C.

In Norse mythology, it was believed that Odin, the ruler of the gods, discovered runes. It was a widely accepted belief that Odin gave the gift of runes to the people. However, others believe that while Odin did discover the runes, it was actually Heimdall, god of light and guardian of the entrance to Asgard, that taught runes to the people.

Runes were engraved into all manner of material as a way to pass on messages and wisdom, the casting of magical spells and creation of charms, and for use in divination. Often, the entire runic alphabet was inscribed into items such as stones, swords, and amulets. Other times, only specific runes were chosen, as if to bring about desired qualities, such as strength, wealth, and protection.

As the runic alphabet changed and evolved through different civilizations over time, their use became limited to the creation of magical spells and uses of divination. In the 17th century, rune use was banned as Christianity and the Church took over most European nations. Although most magical meanings of runes and their uses were lost as the masters of the art went into hiding and were executed, the runic alphabet remains intact.

In the 1980s, neopaganism and esoteric interests brought with them a renewed interest in the runes as well. The interest was mainly in the use of runes for divination purposes and in the use of creating rituals, charms, and spells.

Today, the use of runes is becoming more mainstream in the basic literate interests of the runic alphabet and rune meanings for communication and messaging purposes. Runes can be engraved on any matter of material and may be prized due to their interest or secret meanings.

One popular method of rune use is to engrave secret messages on wedding rings. By using runes, messages of those pertaining to love and devotion are a type of secret code, known only to the bride and groom, and those with whom they share the information. Runes can be assembled to spell out names, promises, wishes, hopes, or charms. Whatever you wish to have spelled out, say it in runes.

For those looking for that special set of wedding rings or couples rings, consider having your special message engraved in runes on a matching set of Rune titanium rings. Use these customized rings as your first set of rings, for an anniversary, or as an upgrade to your existing set of bands. we can, of course, use rune in a variety of custom rings design and metals.

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