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With Halloween approaching I couldn't help but be drawn to this creative 'Day of the Dead' wedding. Talk about unique! Skeletons, tequila shots and some great DIY elements give this celebrations that something extra you know the guests went home talking about. What do you think of this theme?

dayofthedeadwedding1.jpgdayofthedeadwedding2.jpgdayofthedeadwedding3.jpgdayofthedeadwedding4.jpgdayofthedeadwedding5.jpgdayofthedeadwedding6.jpgdayofthedeadwedding7.jpgdayofthedeadwedding8.jpgdayofthedeadwedding9.jpgdayofthedeadwedding10.jpgdayofthedeadwedding11.jpgdayofthedeadwedding12.jpgdayofthedeadwedding13.jpgdayofthedeadwedding14.jpgdayofthedeadwedding15.jpgdayofthedeadwedding16.jpgImages by David Newkirk Photography



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Comment by destinationweddedbliss on October 19, 2011 at 11:43pm
What a fabulous concept! I LOVE this wedding!

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