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Deciding Where To Live Happily Ever After

The joys of marriage are abundant. Love, happiness, wedded bliss, etc., the list goes on and on. But, before you can enjoy the marriage, there are a few hurdles to jump. Hurdles like wedding planning, name changes, assorted paperwork and licenses and -- oh yes -- deciding where to live.

Starting a new life together is incredibly exciting, but also requires making a few big decisions beforehand. Knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it is mostly guesswork and if anyone tells you differently, they're lying. Taking the plunge together is part of the beauty of marriage!


But, if you're looking to eliminate a bit of the guesswork, check out this guide for how to navigate the choppy waters of living together as a married or engaged couple. No one has all the answers, but it doesn't hurt to try.

  • His Place Or Yours?

This question is a hard one. Sometimes. For some couples it's obvious. Is your fiancé living with his parents? You have your own place? Obviously, you're not going to bunk with the in-laws. Your place it is. But, what if you both have your own apartments or homes? What if you love your neighborhood and he loves his? What if your apartment doesn't allow cats? You can't expect him to leave Sir Meows-a-lot behind. Choosing the best place for both of you to start your new life together should be a matter or practicality. Consider affordability, proximity to work or friends, desired neighborhood, and long-term profit when making a decision. You'll both have to set your feelings aside, which is hard to do. Make the decision that's truly best for both of your lifestyles. Talk it through and take your time.

  • New Home?

If you're having trouble making a decision on which apartment or home to choose, it might be a good idea to start from scratch together, as a married couple. If you can both get out of your current living situation for free or for an affordable cost, marriage might be the perfect time to by your first house or condo, or even upgrade to a larger apartment! The nice thing about buying a new place together is that you're both making the new spot home, as opposed to one person moving into another's home. It levels the playing field, so-to-speak, and makes you both adjust to new surroundings as a unit.

  • New City?

Marriage is also a good time for a completely new beginning, in a new home in a new city. Maybe you're re-locating a job, maybe for the thrill of the adventure or maybe to be closer to family. Either way, making a move while planning a wedding is tricky, but doable. Stagger your tasks so that you don't have to fully take on two huge responsibilities at once, whether it’s buying a dress and buying a home or choosing Allied to move your stuff and choosing a wedding venue. Timing is key when moving and getting married, so making a list of all the tasks, the timeline for each and your intended deadlines can help you stay on track.

  • Before Or After The Wedding?

And finally, the age-old question of when to actually make the move? Do you want to combing moving and planning a wedding at the exact same time? If you can successfully pull off planning two of the most stressful lifetime events simultaneously, you'll be rewarded with returning from your honeymoon to a sparkling new house. If you wait to move until after the honeymoon, you'll return to your same old spot, but you'll have plenty of time and much less stress for coordinating your move. Consider your capacity for handling responsibilities before the wedding versus after, and make a decision based on how much you can feasibly get gone!

Once you've ironed out all the details, you'll be ready to reap the benefits of wedded bliss! 

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