Destination wedding etiquette is far from traditional just as the "Trash The Wedding Dress Shoot" provided by destination photographers at www.delsolphotography as shown above.


White sand beaches and crystal blue waters are still the dream locations for destination weddings and they have grown so much over the years and today its considered very common. Here are some wedding etiquette tips for couples thinking of a destination wedding.


First off, the bridal couple does not have to pay for their guests travel expenses to the wedding location.


Guest accepting an invitation to a destination wedding means they understand the financial responsibility. Send out a save-the-date card and all detailed information should be included in the invitation. Insert reply cards that list each hosted event, and an explanation on the accommodation situation. This will help guests understand the overall structure of what is included and at the same time giving them a sense of how much of the trip they'll have to finance.


Find a good destination wedding planner or a destination wedding travel package through a travel vacation specialist, that offers airline discounts, group rates on hotel rooms.(Check out Melissa Varela an amazing Vacation Specialist)


Try to formulate some type of travel plan for the guests in order for the trip to be as smooth as possible for guests to coordinate. Provide guest with as much information, offer them the airport code to the wedding destination, names of hotels, and driving distance from the wedding location.


If any guest passes or transportation is required to arrive to wedding venue, it should be arranged and paid for by the bridal couple.


The bridal couple is financially responsible for the ceremony, reception dinner, drinks as well as any other event that the bridal couple arrange for their guests. For instance the rehearsal dinner, brunch or any excursions that they have invited  guests to participate should be covered.


As for the bridal party the bridal couple is not obligated for their travel expenses. It's really important to be clear with your attendants on who's paying for what. In order to avoid any misunderstanding be specific as to what will be covered for each attendant.


Many couples want their wedding to take place in magical locations around the world however choosing the right one can be a difficult decision.  Here are the 2014 top wedding destinations in the US


·       Puerto Rico

·       Aruba

·       Curaçao

·       Cancun

·       Bahamas

·       Hawaii

·       St. Lucia

·       Key West

·       U.S. Virgin Islands

·       Riviera Maya

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Comment by Boxed Wedding Invitations on August 29, 2014 at 6:44am

Destination weddings can be fun but the bride and the groom hav to take into consideration that they get stuck with the guests after the wedding..

Comment by Despina Craig on August 29, 2014 at 9:32am

 Everyone has different opinions, however take into consideration that guest have exhausted money to attend the destination wedding and would most likely prefer some down time to explore and enjoy the location at their own leisure. 

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