We are having an unusually early Spring here in Chicago. Everything is green & in bloom...it's so gorgeous ! So I am sure it is making all the brides -to -be think about their wedding days.   
             Foundations is a big subject so I will try to simplify it so as not to overwhelm you all. Makeup foundation is the palette for the face that the rest of your makeup needs. But here's the first thing. You must be able to try your shade when you buy it, so please go to a department store or specialty shop. That way you can try lots of different types & remove them in between .
For women who have perfect skin (lucky you !) and prefer a really light finish, mineral foundation is great. This does not work for many brides because it is super sheer & will need to be touched up a lot for photos etc. over the course of the day and evening. You will need a concealer with it for the undereyes & problem spots. 
              For any foundation find a color as close to or a half shade lighter than your skin color. 
OK, next in weight are liquid foundations which give more coverage. Go with a light or medium weight.
Get samples & take them home & wear one all day so you can see what works best. Again you will need a concealer. Also a powder about a half shade lighter than the foundation to set it & keep your shine down for photos. Remember,the light in the store is much different than daylight.
               Lastly, go to a pro and get airbrushed. Airbrush foundation will last for 16 hours with few touchups.
Tears & perspiration will not affect it.and it will be light & flawless. See above photo.
               I hope that I have helped rather than confused you. If you need more help there are lots of tutorials online. And Chicago DIY brides, a great place to try and buy beauty products is 
Che Sguardo.
You'll get great help & by the way they give amazing facials.  Happy shopping !

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