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DIY Large Paper Flower – Dream Events in Paper

Flower Step-by-Step

Paper flowers are a unique and refreshing way to enhance the decor for your wedding day. Whether using it as a backdrop for your head table, as a spunky way to liven up your candy table, as the backdrop for photos or a photo booth, or a as a romantic backdrop for your ceremony this will uniquely customize your wedding and/or events.

On today's blog we're going to teach you how to make a large paper flower step by step.


  • 10 sheets of Card-stock in your choice of colour.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and a Hot Glue gun.
  • One Styrofoam ball in size of your choice.
  • Jewels to stick on ball for the centre. (pre-adhesive jewels are best)
  • Additional paper (any type) to create centres. (I used muffin cups)
  • A circle cut out of Bristol board or thick card-stock about 6 inches in diameter.

The Flower Shape:


Step 1 – 2: Using the 10 sheets of cardstock fold as follows. Leave 6 sheets regular size. Fold 3 sheets in half once. Fold 1 sheet in half twice.


Step 3: Using the shape of your choice draw then cut out petals in each set of folded papers. Cut a small slit at the centre bottom straight edge side of each petal. There should be 6 large, 6 medium size, and 4 small sized petals of similar shapes. You can go to nature for the shape you’d like. I uses a heart like shape.


Step 4: Using the slit you created in the bottom edge place hot glue in the bottom corner of one side of the slit. Slightly over lap the other side of the slit (glue on top) and stick together. This will create a slightly 3D petal.


Step 5: Using the 6 inch circle, begin to stick petals on. Start with the outer edge of the circle and stick down 3 large petals. Place them equal distance apart. Overlap the remaining 3 large petals overlapping the spaces of the first petals. Continue this overlapping process with the 6 medium petals. For the final 3 small petals place them on opposite sides of each other in the centre. Here is the finished 3D flower shape.

The Centre:
The centre in the first photo above uses steps 4 – 5 and 8.


Step 1: Take the Styrofoam ball and cut it in half. You can use a sharp knife or craft saw.


Step 2: Using the jewels of your choice create a pattern on the dome side of one half of the Styrofoam ball. You can use multiple colours, different patterns.. get creative!


Step 3: Use the additional paper to create an outer edge for the now blinged Styrofoam half to sit in. In the photo above I used muffin cups in 3 different sizes and layered them. You could also cut circles from regular paper and scrunch in a cone shape to create the same effect as the muffin cups.


Step 4: Glue the finished centre to the centre of the finished flower shape and VOILA! Your own giant paper flower.

These flowers are perfect for any social event from weddings to baby showers. Used for backdrops to centrepieces. So have fun with it be as creative or as simple with it as you like!

And for those who may not have the time to DIY. We at The Beginning of Forever – Dream Events in paper offer a collection of paper flower goodies that you can purchase so be sure to check out our Etsy shop.

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