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Photo: Rachels Flowers & Weddings

Just in time for your fall wedding.  As I was doing some research for fall weddings, I ran across this amazing site  Rachels Flowers and Weddings, and thought what an amazing women. She actually collects leaves from her own yard, dries them and then sells them.  The leaves are amazing.  If your looking for leaves in bulk, look no further. Rachel also offers much more than  just fall  leaves. You have to visit her site to see more of her amazing fall items.


Out of curiosity I decided to google Rachel to see what else I could find. had this little nugget Fall Leaf Wedding Invitation Seals with instructions by Rachel's Flowers and Weddings.  If you don't want to do this project your in luck Rachel sells these by the sheet on her website. If your crafty and have the time here is how you can do it yourself.  Thanks Rachel!


Supplies Needed:
Small Pressed Fall Leaves (must be smaller than 2")
Blank Seal/Sticker Sheets (2" is a nice size seal)


How to Make Wedding Invitation Seals:

Purchase or obtain small pressed fall leaves. They need to be smaller than two inches in any direction. You can purchase small leaves from

handmade wedding invitation seals

If the season is right, you can also collect and press your own small fall leaves by pressing them between the pages of a telephone book. The leaves will be dried and ready to use in about two to three weeks.

diy wedding invite seals

Purchase clear round seals/sticker sheets. (You can also purchase sheets of clear round stickers or seals at Alternatively, you can use a piece of clear packaging tape, though your wedding invitation seals will be rectangle or square rather than round.

make wedding invitation seals

Gently peel back the clear sticker and insert your fall leaf or fall leaves in any unique pattern you would like. Take a clean cloth and press down on the completed sticker onto your invite.

leaf wedding invitation seals

This same method also works beautifully with pressed green leaves or flowers!

You are done! Affix your postage and mail!

leaf wedding envelope seals

Happy planning & crafting!



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