This week we are featuring a DIY Boutonniere made out of rick rack ribbon. They are sooo cute but I will say you will need to set aside some time for these. Here is our rating:

Skill Level- I would definitely say Advanced. This project requires
basic sewing skills which isn't a problem for most but it takes
patience. I suggest making a few practice flowers till you get the hang
of it and use those for your first shot at the boutonniere. If your
first few flowers turn out bad don't worry, mine did too. Actually I
spent about two hours the first time I tried this project just learning
to make the flowers. It may not take you that long but I would advise
allotting some time for this project.

Time- If I add all of the time together for me to make just two
boutonnieres it was about 6 to 7 hours total. That includes one hour of
shopping for materials, 2 hours of learning how to make the flowers,
and 4 hours of actually making and assembling the boutonnieres. We
opted out of making the flower with the fabric but if you play with the
direction of the rick rack you can manipulate the shape of the flower
to transform its appearance into a whole new flower.

Cost- $13.78 was all I spent on this project so it was inexpensive........

Read more at The DIY Test Kitchen,

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