So yet again, I'm writing with exciting news about the developments of Matrimonio Divino! Through the Kairos Wedding Planner website you will now be able to order everything wedding with just a click...

But this is not the best part. We have decided to include Fair Trade products only. Being Green is important these days, but so is doing something ethical. Matrimonio Divino felt that this fair trade shop online was the right thing to do, and thanks to the help of our local Fair Trade shop in Cuneo Passaparola, this was all made possible. Not only does this shop offer products hand made from disadvantaged countries, but they also have items hand made by local members of the community who may not have the ability to work under normal circumstances for various reasons.
I am personally thrilled with this choice, as I too, chose my guest book from this exact store for my own wedding!
As Monia, our wedding planner says, although a virtual shop, it is solid and tangible in its philosophy. Hope you browse through!

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