Dollar Tree vs Dollar General: Wedding Planning on a Budget

Everyone wants their wedding to be the most beautiful and memorable, but it can be challenging to achieve on a budget. Planning a wedding demands due diligence, including being honest about what you can afford and prioritizing your expenses. 

A hack that most people overlook is where they shop. Although big-box stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, Target, and Home Depot may seem like a good option, their prices can be quite high. However, you may find many fantastic and budget-friendly items perfect for creating a stunning celebration at dollar stores. While comparing Dollar Tree vs Dollar General, you may find great things to reduce your wedding expenses significantly.

Choosing Between Dollar Tree vs Dollar General

The quickest way to determine which of these two discount stores to pick for your wedding supplies is to check out reviews. Independent review websites like may deliver a balanced opinion you can rely on to make a sound decision. Read as many online reviews as possible, paying more attention to customer experiences and consumer insights. 

Product pricing

The clearest Dollar Tree vs Dollar General distinction is in the pricing. Before 2021, everything in Dollar Tree stores was $1, but they announced a price increase due to inflation. Today, Dollar Tree stores sell most of their products at $1.25, meaning you can get quite a lot even on a tight budget. For example, you may find great white wedding pail favors or cheap wedding balloons at Dollar Tree. Planning a bridal shower? Bride and bachelorette sashes and other accessories are available at the store. 

Dollar General sells most products between $3 and $10, which is still competitive. This store is a great option for the bride and groom to find beautiful and valuable things. For instance, they can look at favor boxes to hold the favors or gift bags at a great low price at Dollar General.

Product quality

While dollar stores may not be synonymous with high-quality products, when looking at Dollar Tree vs Dollar General, they offer a wide selection suitable for certain wedding needs. For instance, items like wedding bouquet favors, which don't require long-term durability, can be found at reasonable prices. Although they may not be as stylish as those you would get from a wedding specialist, you can save money and designate it to other essential areas. The trick here is to prioritize and determine areas where you can spend less without impacting the overall wedding setup and mood.

Product variety

While Dollar Tree offers items at $1.25, its selection might not be as extensive as that of other stores. On the other hand, Dollar General offers a broader selection of products, including popular brands you might recognize, such as Unilever, Clorox, Hanes, or Nestle. This more comprehensive range allows more flexibility in finding what you need, even if it means spending slightly more than at Dollar Tree.


Since a trip to dollar stores often involves browsing in person rather than online shopping, store convenience can't be overlooked. Dollar General has more than 19,000 locations across the US and Canada, increasing the chances of finding one conveniently close to your neighborhood. Although Dollar Tree also has a significant presence with over 16,000 stores, Dollar General offers a wider overall footprint, which means you may have a shorter commute and quicker shopping trips.

Maximizing Wedding Savings

Shopping for some of your wedding supplies at Dollar Tree vs Dollar General can save you more than you may initially anticipate. However, be aware that these stores are not as organized as larger retailers. So, it may take some time to navigate and find what you need. Don't rush when visiting these stores; take your time to ensure you can get everything you need at a lower cost.

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