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Don’t get Married just for the sake of Marriage

Love marriages in India are still a taboo. As we all might relate, to the union of two souls in our country is equal to union of two families as well. That most of the time puts so much pressure on the parents and ergo, put double pressure on the kids to do something about it. And to be really frank it’s not only about love marriage, it’s about arrange marriages as well. People who are married whether love or arrange might relate to these situations in one way or the other.

Some succumb to this pressure and decide to get married. Some find happiness after, but most people fall down a super spiral.

Those people, who are going through a situation like this, might relate to these few things.

  1. You feel like a product which is first displayed infront of the best buyers and later parcelled out of your own house

Whether you are ready for the marriage or not until and unless you haven’t declared your choice infront of your parents, you are shown a thousand photos and your photo circulates through a thousand hands. Someone chooses you and your parents choose someone because they fulfil your parent’s criteria and vice versa. So before taking the decision of getting married do ask this question to yourself “AM I READY FOR THE CHANGE?”

  1. You wonder what will happen when your children are born or what if either of you doesn’t want kids.

The arrival of child changes everything. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. You wonder what will happen if your spouse and his family prefer a gender better than the other. So it’s always suggested to discuss about having kids beforehand.

  1. Financial Stability

No matter how much love exist between the two of you, it’s really important to know that you and your better half are financially sound to take care of the future expenses. Whether it’s a love marriage or arrange, at the end of the day it’s you two who will be running the family together. You both must be open to the idea of giving your money to each other and sharing the responsibility.    

  1. Your Careers

What if you both have lived in different cities owing to your work? Who will compromise the career after marriage? The questions are really intimidating. Talking about them is more so.

  1. Past

Make sure you both have cleared about your past to each other cause any unturned page might lead to end of your relationship in future.

  1. Be friend

Guys, if you are getting married it’s really important to know that you both are really good friends because if he/she can be your good friend then it becomes easy to live a happy and cheerful life.

  1. Your families

Even though you have decided to live separately after marriage, you will become a part of each other’s family. So it’s important to know whether you both are comfortable with each other’s family.

  1. Trust

The bond of every relation. Make sure you and your partner have blind faith on each other.

 I wish you all the luck if you have decided to get married, hope you will find your right partner. Since you have found the right partner for you, there won't be any need for account.. Read more:  How To Delete Account/Profile

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