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Eat, Drink and Be Married: Catering Tips to Consider for Your Wedding

Food and beverages are going to be a major component of your wedding, and the catering could take up quite a bit of your budget if you aren’t careful. The meal is going to set the tone for the rest of your reception, and you should spend a little extra time deciding what you are going to serve and how you are going to serve it. These few tips will help you plan the perfect meal for your wedding without breaking the bank.

Budget Considerations

Couples shouldn’t start speaking to caterers or planning out their dishes until they have a firm budget. As you are crafting your budget, you should include all of the expenses you will have to cover such as the place settings, rentals, tips for the servers, transportation costs, and cleaning fees. Depending on what caterer you decide on, they might give you a single quote for the entire event or a quote per head.

Plated Dinner or Buffet?

There are many different meal styles to chose from, but the two most popular options are buffets and plated dinners. A buffet is generally more affordable, but it can take quite some time for all of the guests to get their food. If you decide on a plated dinner, then you should increase your budget to account for additional servers and their tips.

Offering Multiple Courses

Even if you decide to have a buffet or food stations, you can still offer multiple courses to keep your guests engaged and entertained. As everyone is settling into their seats, a few simple appetizers such as organic bread and fresh fruit will keep them satiated until the first course arrives. In between the courses, you might want to schedule some of the dances and toasts to keep the program moving along.

Choosing Complementary Foods

Deciding which foods you are going to serve is a very personal choice, but you need to have at least a few options for any dietary restrictions. No matter what type of food you serve, you should always have a “safe” dish for picky eaters and those who can’t eat certain ingredients. If you are an adventurous couple, then you can choose all of your dishes based off a theme such as food from a certain country or a unique style of cuisine.

Couples who don’t do enough research will quickly realize that catering is one of the most stressful steps of planning a wedding. That is why it is so important to consider every single aspect of the reception before you choose a catering company and meal plan.

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