Expert Tips For Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

As a newly wedded couple, one of the next things on the horizon could be a brand new baby. But before the little one arrives, it is important that you have everything in place to receive him or her, and that includes having the perfect baby name all set.

Older parents will tell you that choosing a baby name is one of the difficult aspects of parenthood. This is the name your child will grow up with, so you don’t want to choose something that will make them the laughing stock of their peers.

Of course, you probably have lots of time to get things like this sorted out, but there is no harm in starting out early. So, check out our inspiring tips for choosing the perfect name for your baby.

Start with a nickname

Most of the popular names you know today probably started out as a nickname, but as the child grew, the name stuck and became the official name everyone calls. The key to choosing the perfect nickname that could end up becoming the actual name is to stick to something short and catchy that also has a fitting formal name. For example, if you call your newborn daughter Lex, you can easily use the more formal Alexis as she grows older.

If you are not keen on knowing the gender of your child before birth, you can come up with two attractive nicknames, or use one that works well for boys and girls – like Lex for Alexis or Alexander.

Use a family name

Using a family name simplifies the naming process significantly. You don’t need to spend hours agonising on something creative, simply take a look at your family tree and either pick a name at random or choose the name of someone who is important to your immediate family.

There are tons of names to choose from in every family tree and you will surely find the perfect for boy, girl, and gender-neutral names.

Of course, you may have to ask permission before giving your baby the name of someone in the family, but who will not want an adorable new baby to use their name?

Use a names’ resource

There are hundreds of resources on the internet where you can find a list of baby names to choose from. These are names that have been curated from all over the world just for you.

Be sure to check out the meanings of the name before giving your baby, so that your child does not end up with a name that has a funny meaning.

Using internet resources means that you will have access to thousands of names, from different cultures. Of course, the name you pick may not have a local significance in your culture, it may also be difficult to pronounce at first, but in very little time, everyone will have gotten used to your daughter answering to a quaint Gaelic name.

Avoid temporary trends

You want your baby’s name to stand the test of time, and to remain as relevant years down the line as it is today. To achieve this, you may have to avoid the temptation of choosing a name that is associated with a current trend or fad.

While there are trends, events, and fads that last a long time, most of them are fleeting at best. Naming your child after a character in your favourite TV show may seem like a good idea today, but what happens in a few years’ time when nobody can understand why your daughter is answering to a name that has no obvious meaning?

For example, the name Khaleesi is one of the most popular names given to newborn girls in recent years, but very soon, no one will remember how the name came about and you will be faced with the daily task of explaining what your daughter name means.

Trends to avoid also include intentionally misspelling the name and using punctuations that serve no obvious purpose.

Consider initials

When thinking of a name for your baby, remember that this name will not always be used in isolation. As the years go by, your baby will grow into an adult and will be addressed formally by his or her full names or initials.

Alexis Sean Stephen may seem like a really great name for your daughter, chances are not many people will want to associate with someone whose initials spell ASS. Therefore, initials should play a serious role in your considerations.

Say the name out loud

One important part of the naming business is how it sounds when you say it. Do the first, middle, and last name sound okay when you say them all together or is there a disjoint somewhere you cannot seem to place?

You can also say it out in front of friends and get their reaction to how it sounds. This will give you a good idea of what others will feel when they hear the names for the first time.

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