While spring and summer weddings are known for bright and cheery colors, a fall wedding can involve an absolutely stunning feast. Fall is the time of harvest, so there are plenty of unforgettable ways to work favorite fall foods into any wedding.

Imagine the scene of any wedding that occurs in the Midwest during late September through late October. The leaves are changing from green to red, orange, and yellow. There are even trees with leaves in deep shades of purple. As the bride walks down an outdoor aisle, leaves crunch and crackle beneath her feet. The bouquets the bridal party holds include a combination of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, goldenrods, helenium, heliopsis, and wolfsbane. The warm colors explode against deep teal or burnt sienna dresses. The setting is practically surreal.


After the wedding, the crowd makes its way to the reception, held in a glorious old barn decorated with more leaves, flowers, and rustic accessories. The barn is simple, so the bridal party and the food takes center stage. Not to overdo the motif of leaves and flowers, the simple wedding cake is covered in flawless ivory fondant, but embellished with bands of burnt sienna sugared ribbons around the base of each layer. The cake is topped with your last initial created out of chocolate, but painted with the polka dots in burnt sienna. On the inside is your favorite rich vanilla with pumpkin spice filling.

The cake isn’t the only thing that catches the eyes of the guests. The open bar is serving mind-blowing concoctions designed to make the guests recognize the changing seasons. You serve a rich mulled (and spiked) cider, a martini with real cranberries, and a rich horchata loaded with cinnamon. You toast the evening with pomegranate champagne.

Then, the food. Ah…the food. The food should include comfortable items, like trendy macaroni and cheese, but make it “adult” with rich brie, garlic, and crunchy breadcrumbs. Then, vegetable dishes with squash, green beans, pumpkins, and fruits like apples and pears. Spice add rich flavor to the appetizers and meal. Fall weddings are the perfect time to add crispy potatoes, artfully made, as well as pork loin and other hearty meats. If you love chilis and stews, why not include them in your wedding? Fall is all about rich, hearty food – so satisfy your heart’s desire with your favorite fall delicacies.

Orange Boxed Wedding Invitation

At Boxed Wedding Invitations, we have several designs that enhance any fall wedding. OurL’Amour Collection can be customized to match your favorite fall colors. The invitation box is handmade with a silk ribbon and dangling crystal brooch. Our Odetta wedding invitation card fits perfectly inside of the box. This elegant card is edged with your choice of glitter.

If you have any questions about invitations for your fabulous fall fling, our invitations experts can help you with the details. Contact us at any time at info@boxedweddinginvitations.com or 800-386-1203.

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