While working on some post production after an Engagement session at Julia's house, I looked up at some pictures she has hanging on her office wall of her children. They are the typical department store photo studio images. Her daughter dressed in a beautiful party dress, heavily posed, sitting on a platform, side angle with her knees up head posed tightly towards the camera. And her son in posed slightly to the right holding a plush soccer ball and looking back towards the camera. It dawned on me in that moment, I hate those types of childhood photographs. We all have them! My partents took us every year to Sears to have the same pictures taken. I remember the process being boring, uncomfortable and frusterating. Your parents dress you in something you would never wear, you pile in the car to warnings not to get dirty, you sit around in a waiting room fidgetting in the dress you hate, finally you enter the studio to be posed into some very unnatural positions. The photographer takes 4 different poses of you alone than the same with you and your sibilings and your whole family. You wait for the proofs to come in then choose the ones worth buying!

Why not this?

Pictures of your children and your family doing the things they love to do? Genuine simles, in the printed T-shirts they live in day to day? A memoire of the way they truly were!

Silly faces and all! Your family interacting in a noraml setting!
As an adult today I prefer the photographs taken by family and friends of my family enjoying ourselves than the ones in stuffy dresses and akward poses! Those are the pictures that show me who I was in those times! I say remember your family for what it is right how... You will have albums that make you smile while telling the story of your family throughout the years!

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Comment by In True Colors Photography on June 28, 2009 at 12:27pm
Jennifer, i so agree with you!!! I hate posed shots, well, sometimes family demands them, but overall, let kids be kids, even so, let adults be adults!!
Good post!


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