As a woman, I'm sure you're giddy over the fact that you are finally getting married. Then, after all the carbonation of giddiness subsides, the reality of planning such a huge affair starts to settle in. Some of you have dreamed of this day since you were 5 and played dress up, while others are not really sure what it all entails. So I will attempt to illuminate my ideas of the essentials of a wedding, no matter what the shape or size or the who and where of this blessed event.

First of all you need a groom. This groom needs to be handpicked by you, just like you choose avocados or melons at the market. They have been grown in a special environment exclusive to them. Some have been nurtured with kid gloves and plenty of water and fertilization, while others have learned the isolation of a lonely patch of ground with little interaction or nutrition from their tenders. Either way they have become what they are. No matter how much wishing or caressing or prodding will change a melon into an avocado. So, choose your groom wisely, you may be able enhance them but not change them. This groom of yours in turn cannot change you. You need to be enhancing and nurturing each other. That being said, he should be a hottie! “Hottiness”, however, is in the eye of the beholder.

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