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Four Ideas for an Indoor Bachelor Party

As the best man and groomsmen prepare to plan for your bachelor party, you as the groom should have at least some input on the events of the day/weekend. Since you will be the one common link among all the people in your groom party, you will know the common interests that will bind everyone together for a great time.

Ideas for your bachelor party are plentiful and can range from wild and raucous to a low-key-type time. One idea that can come up, because of the potential of some of the members of the party having the preference or inclement weather, is having the bachelor party indoors. This post will talk about four great ideas for an indoor bachelor party.

Hotel/Water Park/Theme Park

Hotels that have water parks or theme parks inside are popping up all over the country, and what better place to enjoy your final weekend as a bachelor with your boys.

These often feature themed rooms and can include various water-park-type rides, lazy rivers, arcades, rock climbing walls, go-karts, indoor mini golf, and many other things as well.

Most have on-site restaurants and lounge/bar areas so you and the boys can stay right on-site for the whole stay.

Brewery/Distillery Tours

A fun weekend can be planned for yourself to take a day or weekend to tour some breweries and distilleries around the area where you will be having your bachelor party. And while you’re walking around, start thinking about gifts for your groomsmen. There are many ways you can thank your buddies for helping you out on your big day; surprise them with unique gift ideas.

Depending on the city, a whole day can be planned around your party touring the breweries/distilleries. Some have on-site restaurants, so lunch and dinner can be planned around those stops. Transportation is also a key element of this party to provide the guests a safe ride back to the hotel.

Casino Trip

Another fun idea for your bachelor party is to plan a weekend trip to a casino. While most think of Las Vegas and an adventure similar to The Hangover, a trip to Sin City is not necessarily required. You don’t have to have missing friends or body parts either.

Many regions have beautiful casino resorts with hotels right on-site. Your boys can enjoy a fun weekend away, and for the members of your party who may not gamble, many of the casino resorts also have a pool and bar area. Another awesome feature of most the casinos is the fine dining that is available.

LAN Party

If your groomsmen like to play video/computer games, a fun indoor idea is to have a LAN gaming bachelor party where the entire party can get together and play games for a weekend.

While the whole party may not be inclined to agree on one game together, the crew can make arrangements to rotate playing different games and have a great time.

There are other things too...

While the list is plentiful, there are many more fun indoor ideas for your bachelor party. The key to making every bachelor party great is to ensure that everyone involved in the party has interest in what the festivities planned are.

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