French Fries Boxes-Custom Fries Box Packaging Wholesale

What material is best for French Fries boxes

French fries are the yummy fast food that are always loveable and everyone is always ready to have these French fries. You can have these French fries protective and fresh with French fries boxes. For these French fries boxes you can have the best packaging material. We offer cardboard, Kraft and corrugated material for the packaging. For French fries boxes we commonly use cardboard and Kraft. Other than this you can also have the packaging because these are durable and stable enough to keep your product safe.



These are light weight and can be easily mold because of its flexible nature. You should have these boxes because these are totally eco-friendly to keep your product safe as well as environment safe. These French fries boxes are easily disposable and reusable as well as you can recycle these boxes. As French fries are amazing eatables so it is important to keep it fresh and hygienic as well as to protect in from change in temperature these boxes are really helpful. These can help you out to keep your product safe from moisture as well as very helpful for the shipping of the product.

How protect mascara in any environment

As mascara is really reactive product and it is really important to protect it from extremely high temperature or very low temperature. So to keep it protective you can use the packaging so that it can protect your product for long time period and cannot be affected because of the change in environment.  Moreover you can also have the French fries boxes with printings so that it can adjust in any environment. You can have the boxes with best printings. Other than this you can have the packaging at best printing with latest techniques.

These techniques add variation to your packaging. The techniques used are unbeatable. With the help of printing, you can add company logo on the boxes. As well as you can have the packaging with different instructions regarding the protection of the product. You can also have the boxes with different coatings so that it can be really amazing to make your packaging smooth , decent and elegant. For this you can have coatings such as matte coating, glittery coating, glossy coating and many more. This give the packaging finishing touch.

French Fries boxes in different style

The boxes should be really friendly so that it can be easily opened and closed. For this purpose  the French fries should be made in with latest box styles so that the customer can have the packaging in latest innovative style. These French fries boxes can be in double wall front tuck , two door , two piece, forward tuck , gable boxes and many more. You can have the packaging with window die cut so that it can be used as display box and you can also have trays  so that it can be easy to serve.

These French fries boxes can also be customized in different shapes so that your fries can easily  fit in it. For this the size of the box is also very important. Moreover you can have the packaging for attracting the customers. For this you can add number of designs to the packaging so that it can grasp the attention of the customer. You can have the boxes with latest features in the packaging with amazing designs and for designs we have professionals that can add attractive , creative , artistic , alluring designs to the packaging according to your desire.

Moreover you can have these French fries boxes  in different colors with the help of latest color patterns. These color patterns make amazing color combinations for the packaging. For these amazing features for the Fries box you can visit our website and have the best packaging ideas.

French Fries boxes wholesale rate

You can have these boxes at amazing rates so that it can be affordable for you. These French fries boxes are available at reasonable rates as compare to other packaging companies in the market. You can have the boxes at amazing rates as it is required in large amount. If you order us in massive amount than you can have the wholesale rates for the packaging. These rates for the packaging is amazing and out standing , you should never miss it.

You can have the price packages for the packaging so that it can help you out. Other than this it can provide you retail rates also. Icustomboxes is the bet packaging company in the market with amazing offers and packaging features. ICUSTOMBOXES offer free shipping no extra charges. The professional consultation for the French fries boxes is completely free. We work as a team with you to boost up your business to another level.


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