The French are known for their ardor and their style. When we think romance, we think of kisses under the Eiffel tower and walks along the Seine River, the French language is known to be one of the most romantic in the world and no country is considered more fashionable than France. The country is known for its passion and fashion. That is why today we will take a look at some French wedding traditions, as inspiration.
One of the oldest traditions is a Lily-of-the-Valley bridal bouquet. This fresh arrangement of flowers was most recently seen on the bride of the century, Kate Middleton. However, French brides-to be would hang wreaths of this flower on their doorways for luck, even in the 16th century. Later, Charlex XI also started offering sprigs of Lily-of-the-Valley, or muguet for luck, and today that tradition has transformed into a full blown holiday on the first of May. This is the only day of the year when flowers can be sold on the street without a permit, and tradition declares that you must give at least one sprig of the flower to your loved ones. What a beautiful ritual!
Incorporate this tradition into your own wedding by creating a bouquet similar to Kate Middleton. For smaller touches, you can just add sprigs of the flower to your bouquet, and add springs to the general decorations as well, including table centerpieces. This flower will add a subtle touch of romance and old class elegance that will leave your guests dansl’amour!

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